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  1.  Recieved title today


    Great game, though the story isent as imersive as the original GRAW. ONLINE ROCKS!!

  2.  Quite possible my altime favorite film


    One word for this, AMAZING. "YOU FACE OFFENDS MY MIRROR" ROFL hilarious

  3.  Awsome


    dont b silly, ne1 who thinks this game is rubbish needs a slap in the face. Its great, bags of hack n slash fun. :)

  4.  if i had to discribe in a word it would be....... MEH


    its pretty mediocer, the graphics are average, n yes i did have it running at 1080p from my 52" HD lcd. The textures where beautiful but all the edges of everthing where jagged. Story is top notch for about 2 hours of play and then you get wisked away to hell or somthing to fight demonic nazis which i fort was silly and weird. The controls work well with the game though the lack of powers really puts a downer on things. Also the game is very short i managed to finish it in 8 hours and had to return it to the rental store early. Online play is a waste of time, very boring and and bland, bored after the first 5 mins. I give this game 6 out of 10. If you want the great game to dazle you and make you glad you baught your ps3 then this isent it. Entertaining but nothing for hardcore games to sink there teeth into. I suggest maybe buying Ninja Gaiden:Sigma the best game ive palyed on my ps3 so far, graphics are at least twice as good as this and the game will blow you away so spend your money on that instead.



    this game is ace, i love it, look beautiful plays beautifully, constant 60FPS. If u dont buy this ur a disgrace to the name of PS3 and you should hang urself. and its not to difficult as i finished it in 2 days and im currently halfway thru on hard mode. Which isent a choore which it becomes on other games, i actually want to play it again on a harder setting its ace. An absolute bargin at twice play.coms price £39.99 buy it now!!

  6.  GREATq


    if u like huge online games like couterstrike or battlefeild 2 then this is a game for you

  7.  pretty cool


    cool game, fun, online is limited but addictive, definatly worth a look

  8.  Ace Game


    A genuinely fun n cool game. Though the story is a little crappy you will be completely blown away by the online deathmach games. A great PS3 launch triumph

  9.  OK i suppose


    this game is fun to begin with, and towards the fourth level you feel like you will cry if there is another level after this one, so repetetive, graphicly the games stunning but just doesnt satisfy my gaming needs at all, i baught my ps3 so i could enjoy some hardcore HD gaming. So far i have encountered no real contenders for ps3 at all, bring on the likes of MGS4, Final Fantasy 13, Tekken, Devil May Cry 4, GTHD, GTA4, A decent crash game might just be what the doctor ordered also. If i was you tho i would avoid this game like the plauge, i finished it in one sitting, i feel conned, shame on you 2K.