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  1.  brilliant, simply brilliant, film of the year, no doubt.


    There are very few things that compell me to review a film or an album, but this film is simply astounding, dont get me wrong its a straight up action film, but with a difference, 1. Its got liam Neeson, who is bad ass and 2. It's intelligent and the fight scenes are brilliant.

    Remeniscent of the Bourne trilogy, but stands side by side with them. Its a must watch.

  2.  Amazing performances


    I think this film has become my favourite film of all time. It is brilliant, its powerfull, smart, funny and dramatic. Don Cheadle and Adam Sandler both give the performances of their careers.

    Its just simply brilliant.

  3.  brilliant film


    Amazing film, one of the best i have seen in years! I watched it 3 times in the week that i bought it.

    The Blu Ray quality also makes a huge difference.

  4.  Highest Recommendation


    Brilliant movie, Pixar have done it again, i dont know how they stay fresh and original but they have done it time and time again. Im on my third watch and im still in awe of the quality and im still noticing things that i didn't observe on the watch before.

    Now the features are brilliant, you get all the wall-e shorts that were used to promote wall-e, in high def. You get the new pixar short, presto. I own all of the pixar shorts on blu ray and this one is one of the best, up there with Lifted. Then you have "the pixar story" which is a real indepth view behind the scenes over at pixar.

    I watched it on a ps3 with a 32" Sony Bravia, not the most amazing setup in the world but this disc was running at 1080p and it looks amazing.

  5.  Very Impressive


    The packaging is cool, very similar to the hd dvd version. The movies look very good, even the first. Buy this its an essential to your collection.

  6.  Really Really Good


    First of all, this is brilliant. This is the shorter version of the two dvd's that are released, this is approximately 14 minutes shorter. This was very ambitious of the team at 24 and i personally think it has paid off. Robert carlyle does a great job and so does kiefer sutherland (doesn't he always).

    But the really amazing thing on this disc is the season 7 sneak peak which gives you the first 17 minutes of season 7. It is awesome, kiefer sutherland is amazing in it. There are also a welcome return from a main character.

    On a side note, im more into blu-rays now as i have a sony bravia hdtv, but ive noticed that some dvd's look better upscaled than others and this is one of those briiliant dvd's, the quality is brilliant.

  7.  such a breeze of fresh air!!!!!!!


    This isn't the old guns n' roses, in which songs about whiskey and hookers are sung, it doesn't have that swagger that appetite had, its a new sound, its gramd, its intricate and it has a wide mix of songs. This may not be the line up that recorded afd and the illusions albums but it is good music. The varitey of styles is incredible, this band is versatile and to be honest i dont want another appetite for destruction, because its been done, and it was done well, i want new and inventive music, which is what this is.

    First of all, the title track has a really cool sound to it, with some awesome rhythmic sections. Better is an example of a modern rock song that is both inventive and infectious. Scraped and Sorry are destined to be classics with awesome solo's and hooks. There was a time is one of the best songs i have ever heard, the solo will blow you away, its as good as anything slash did on the old albums. Madagascar is another brilliant epic ballad, then in comes the different styles, If the world mixes Axls amazingly cleajn voice with acoustic/spanish guitar and some amazing drum beats to provide a real listening experiance, the last song on the album, named "Prostitute" was described as "fire and ice" and i couldn't agree more, you have an epic sounding arrangement of symphony and hard endged guitars amongst some truely brilliant lyrics.

    Dont listen to others, dont even take my opionions as concrete evidence that this is an amazing album, i think it is, but give the music a chance and let it sway your mind.

  8.  Amazing!


    This blu ray is incredible, the quality you get from animation is simply astounding. Highlights are obviously the newer animations as they are technically of a better quality of realism. geris game, being 9 years old now still looks fresh. Master and the ghostlight (Cars) looks brilliant, as does "for the birds" and "lifted".

    I watched this blu ray using a 32" Sony bravia 1080p screen with a ps3, you wont be disapointed by this set of shorts. The commantary is very very interesting if you are going to be studying animation and/or special effects.

  9.  Does the job!


    ok, i bought a ps3, already own a 360 elite and i bought the ps3 mostly as a blou ray player and for playing video files from a portable hard disk, but i have to admit i use it more for movies and mostly tv shows. This is essential, yea the controller works for the operation of video but its not until you have a dedicated remote that it feels like you have a full blown entertainment system, brilliant build quality, excellent range, no need to point at the tv anymore. Recommended.

  10.  Good Game


    I am halfway through the game at the moment and its been a good ride so far, enemies are cool, graphics are brilliant, using a direct x 10 graphics card makes a lot of difference, this game includes the direct x 9 and 10 versions, you will need steam and an internet connection to play even in offline mode, that wasn't a problem for me as i play half life 2. I used a xbox 360 controller and it is perfectly mapped to the controls. Awesome game, but make sure your computer is up to the task.