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  1.  Nice looking


    These headphones have got a good cable length, they look good, and sound great, but unfortunately they don't stay in your ears. It gets really irritating. Would have got 5 stars otherwise.

  2.  Cut my eyes out


    This is quite possibly the worst game in the history of mankind. The controls are bad, the graphics are poor, the game play is poor, and the story is boring. Stay away.

  3.  Not as bad as people make out


    I bought this game after reading mixed reviews. Most of my friends told me to stay away, but I tried it anyway.

    I blasted through this game in about 7 or so hours, so if you're after longevity, this game isn't for you. Possibly the easiest PS3 game to Platinum ever.

    The game mechanics remind me of Fallout. Somewhat awkward and dysfunctional, but enjoyable.

    If you like Terminator you might like it. I'm not a Terminator fan myself but enjoyed the game. Worth about a tenner anyway.

  4.  Very enjoyable


    After playing the likes of Dirt 2 and NFS:Hot Pursuit relentlessly, it was difficult to get used to the controls of this as they're slightly unconventional. Once you learn how to handle the braking, you're fine though. I initially didn't like the demo, but tried the game anyway as it's only 16 quid.

    Overall, the game is enjoyable with lots of different things to do. There's online, single rallies, time trials, multiplayer, and a career mode where you work your way up, earning money and sponsorships to get the better races and buy the faster cars. The trophies are fairly easy to obtain. I've got 30% after 2 hours of game play.

    The graphics of the game are up to standard, but I thought there would be more cars. I assume this is because they're sticking to the actual WRC cars. The menus are easy to navigate too.

    Well worth a buy for under 20 quid.

  5.  Great game!


    I'm not usually a fan of the NFS games, but this one totally took me by surprise. I didn't like the demo, but gave the full game a go nonetheless as it was on offer. I'm totally addicted to it. You can race as either a cop or a racer. Doing challenges such as busting someone with spike strips and helicopters, or you can be the one evading it all. You level up as you do more races, which unlocks better cars and different race categories. Driving the Lamborghini Galliardo with nos is unreal.

    This game makes me want to revisit the rest of the series to see if I've changed my mind about them. It could be compared to games like Blur or Split Second, but this just blows them away.

    The graphics of this game are stunning on a high def television. The menu is easy to navigate, but the race menu could be clearer. This takes nothing away from the actual game though.

    The only thing which I don't like it that you have to buy some of the cars in the PSN store, but they're not 100% necessary. I've bought one race pack myself.

    The trophies on this game are fairly easy to obtain as you just get them as you level up, or by doing something for the first time.

    Overall, a massively enjoyable game.

  6.  PS3 compatible!


    This comes ready and formatted as FAT32, which works perfectly with the PS3 to play movies off, my main reason for buying it. I use it with my laptop too to back it up. Usually you'll find that external hard drives are NTFS, but not this one.

    With my item, the plug I received happened to be an EU one, not a British one, meaning I had to buy an adapter. I assume this is just a mistake and not common with the rest of them though.

    The product itself is very sturdy and heavy. Not like other flimsy HDD's that I've had. The brushed grey finish is nice too.

    The on/off switch is a great feature. It's nice to choose when to use it, rather than it being running constantly when plugged into the PS3 like my other HDD.

    Overall, I'd highly recommend this item for any use whatsoever.

  7.  Amazing


    I got these off here for 38.99, and what a bargain!

    Stunning sound on them, and they look great next to my black TV, stand, and PS3. They look similar to the old fat PS3 actually.

    I can only pick two faults with them: There is no display of the volume, bass and treble levels, so you have to do them by ear.
    And the speakers are plugged into the PS3 by the AV output, so if you have an old style TV without HDMI, you'll have to plug the speakers into the TVs headphones input. Luckily I've got HDMI.

    Fantastic product though. Can go really loud without sounding nasty too. Would highly recommend to those on a budget.

  8.  Good value


    Hollie: It clearly states that the item has a 3.5mm jack, which is a standard input for headphones.

    I've got these and they're pretty impressive, especially with songs which are particular bass-heavy. They vibrate if it's too loud. Quality.

  9.  9.9/10


    Out of GT5, AC: Brotherhood, Fallout New Vegas, Fifa 11 etc, this may just pip them all to the #1 spot. As usual, CoD is fantastic. The story isn't the best in campaign mode, but it still surprises you with a twist at the end. As usual, the cut scenes are unbelievable graphics-wise.

    The multiplayer mode is as good as Modern Warfare 2, and equally as addictive. The ability to play 2 player online on one console is a great improvement. The maps are good too. The only bad thing about online is the servers, which are unreliable at times.

    Zombies mode is a huge improvement on World at War. They've improved what was wrong with it in the first place.

    Almost perfect. Bring on MW3!

  10.  Stunning


    Car porn at it's best. Everything is so shiny!
    I've played Gran Turismo since the very beginning on the first Playstation and this instalment doesn't disappoint. The layouts and menus are exactly the same and easy to navigate and the cars look and handle fantastic. Get the driving wheel out! You'll also find some familiar race tracks on here too. Very nostalgic. The best racing game of all time without a doubt.