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  1.  A must for all die-hard fans of Fringe


    If you like Fringe just a bit too much, this is for you. When I first got into the show, I bought the six comics (this is the comics, just in one book) so I could get that little bit extra out of the story. This acts as a back story to the show, and basically gives you a little bit of extra information about the characters, especially Walter. This got me into comic books in a massive way. I now read allsorts. The illustrations are brilliant and suit the Fringe style well. The speech of the characters is also quite believable, unlike a lot of comics. You'll find that the likes of Marvel and DC tend to be over the top, but I guess that's just because of the genres. The second set of Fringe comics are out now, so I've got no doubt they'll be out in book form like this before long.

  2.  What a game!


    Having been at the game, I know for a fact that this DVD will be fantastic. I just wish it was out on Blu Ray.
    I could watch that perfect Shola penalty and volley all day, and Nolan's well deserved hat trick. It made it even better the fact that it was against 5under1and. Howay the lads!

  3.  An improvement on Quantum of Solace


    I really liked Quantum of Solace so I though I'd get this. Although the story mode itself is fairly short, the content of it more than makes up for it. Driving the Aston Martin is a fantastic addition to the game and the graphics have also been improved a lot. The trophies are still fairly good and include things such as; completing a car chase under a certain time. I'm going to play the multiplayer as soon as I've wrote this.

  4.  Not bad


    I wasn't really a fan of this game if I'm honest. The car controls didn't feel that good and I found it fairly hard to win races. Dirt 2 however, is a massive improvement and I highly recommend it.

  5.  BAH


    A poor man's CoD. Nothing like the old Wolfenstein games. The sci-fi-ness about it is really annoying and the game play is terrible. I can't see what people see in this game. You're far better off getting something like Rogue Warrior for a good shooter.

  6.  Zombie mode is not cool at all.


    The Zombie mode is the thing which most people rave about, and to be honest I can't see the attraction. It's boring after 5 minutes. The story itself is pretty good, but it isn't anything original. WW2 has been done to death. Thank God for Modern Warfare.

  7.  The greatest game ever?


    I got the Platinum trophy for this game because I played it to death. The story mode is just the right length and is very exciting. In my opinion, this is just as good as the first one. The multiplayer mode is fantastic, although most people online are there simply to annoy the other players, which does spoil it a bit. That aside, the special ops and story mode are enough to hook you right in. Also, Hanz Zimmer's soundtrack is simply outstanding.

  8.  Brilliant


    To be honest, I don't really need to say much about this. Most CoD games are fantastic, and this isn't any different. When this came out, it was ground breaking. War in modern times hadn't been done before, and this game truly filled a gap in the market. I can't really fault this game at all.



    Good game to lead you into the series, but it's not as polished and perfected as the sequel AC2, as you would expect. The game itself can be a bit long if you're not too interested, but it's entertaining enough for you to want to finish it. The concept is original and well 'executed'.

  10.  Ok


    The best game of this genre on the PS3 is Scene It. The games of Trivial Pursuit go on for hours if you get a few hard questions, and it can get very annoying. The board game is better because you can leave it and come back to it the next day, whereas with this, you cannot. The trophies on this are fairly easy, but it's just too long for my liking.