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  1.  Brilliant


    This game is absolutely fantastic and massively underrated.
    One of the best FPS games in the last few years and nobody knows about it. The trophies are easy to get, and the hard-man image of the main character is fairly entertaining with all of his swearing and banter.

    The game play is smooth and the guns seem to have been well considered. Not the longest game in history (I think there was about 10 or so levels) but it's very entertaining.

  2.  Better than Killzone 2


    God knows what the other reviewer was talking about.

    The game play on this is loads smoother than Killzone 2 and the guns are better. The story to me, isn't that gripping, but they aren't usually that good in this kind of game anyway.

    Worth a tenner and you'll get a few good hours out of it.

  3.  Best thing about the Move


    Similar style game to Wii Sports. Archery, Table Tennis, and Bocce are my particular favourites. Really enjoyable game, and fun to play with others. The Bocce makes you feel like you're actually playing it, and the power which you put onto the throw equates to what you actually see on the screen. The distance can change with the slightest of touches too.

    A very enjoyable game.

  4.  Interesting


    I found this game similar to Fallout 3. I know the storyline is nothing like it, but aesthetically I couldn't help think of it.

    The story follows the same basic plot as a lot of monster games, nothing really original here.

    It is enjoyable, don't get me wrong, but this genre of game doesn't really do much for me unless it's truly outstanding.

    Worth a tenner though.

  5.  Very good


    This is a massive improvement on Battlefield Bad Company, which I wasn't really a fan of.

    The story of this game is quite gripping, and the graphics have improved a hell of a lot. Quick game play and slick movements make it very enjoyable. The trophies seemed fairly easy, and the multiplayer is fun too.

  6.  Hmm....


    I honestly have no idea what people see in this game.
    The story isn't that interesting, the guns are boring, and when you run and move around it feels like you're stuck in toffee.

  7.  Meh


    This game didn't really do much for me.
    Nothing much about it seemed entertaining or fun to me, but I'm not a massive fan of free play games.
    Poor storyline. The only thing which made up for it was being able to fly an aeroplane, and the graphics.

  8.  Brilliant


    I've got three PS3 controllers and I've got these on all of them.
    My brother has started to use them since I bought them, and it genuinely does make gaming easier. Quality.

  9.  I'd give it 0/5 if I could.


    This game is an absolutely pathetic attempt at bringing Spider-Man to us. They advertised it so it kind of looks a bit like Arkham Asylum, when in fact it is worse than the first Prince of Persia on PS3.

    Also, the American voice which they've given Spidey is possibly the worst thing I've ever heard. I hope the voice actor never, ever works again.

  10.  This, or Blur?


    After playing both this and Blur, I can't really decide which one is best.

    They're both very similar style games in a sense that they're both intensely fun with plenty of things to keep you going.

    I found the multiplayer more fun on Blur, as did my friends. I think it was more the Mario Kart style 'boosters' which made it slightly more familiar to us.

    The cars on this could have been a little better, but the tracks and theme of it work well. Worth a buy if it's on offer.