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  1.  DEAD


    At first, I was massively sceptical about this game as I'm not a fan of cowboys or Rockstar in particular.

    Once I started to play the story mode I got properly addicted to it. The John Marston character is well thought out and very likeable. There's loads of little side missions to keep you going well after you've done the story mode.

    There is nothing better than going out at night on your horse looking for grizzly bears to hunt. Set the bait, wait for one to come along, get the dead eye on, BANG.


  2.  Like the Wii? You'll love this.


    I like the Wii, but I like my PS3 a hell of a lot more, and this basically combines the two. It also means you only have to spend 40 quid for this bit of kit instead of paying 150 for a whole other console.

    The controls on this are a lot more sensitive and precise compared to the Wii, and I find the Sports more entertaining on the Sports Championships game. Bocce is a favourite of mine. The Move controller is really comfortable, and when the ball on the controller glows purple, we can all have a good laugh. It fits in well with the sleek black PS3 design and is a welcome addition to my gaming equipment.

    The only thing this seems to be missing is a Mario Kart style game, but I'm sure something will come as it's only early days.

  3.  Overrated


    I played the first one on the 360 and to be honest, this game hasn't really improved on the series at all. It's the same concept, just with a different storyline. Fair enough, slaying zombies with a guitar is cool, but there's only so much of it I can do before I want to put Fifa on.

    Mediocre at best.

  4. F1 2010

    F1 2010


    4 New from  £4.86  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.74

     The hardest game ever


    This game really frustrates me at times. When you finally get to first place in a race and think you've won, you find out that you've been docked 10 seconds for 'cutting a corner', putting you way back on the grid.

    Another thing which I found quite annoying is the navigation of the menus. It's not the clearest.

    A plus for this game is the way it looks and feels whilst in a race. It's almost spot on to what I imagine the real thing would be, and when you do actually manage a podium finish it's well worth all of the practising, qualifying, and fighting for position in the race.

    Overall, a good game if you've got patience and time, but not the best if you're just after a quick race.

  5. FIFA 11

    FIFA 11


    6 New from  £5.02  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £0.98



    The people saying "It's rubbish" etc haven't got a clue what they're talking about. It's the best football game that has ever existed.

    A massive improvement on the already great Fifa 10 with new features. Fair enough the game play and passing is slightly different, but once you're used to it, you're fine.

    The manager mode has been vastly improved and the game is overall, more user friendly. Some of the trophies are still ridiculously hard to obtain, but I can get over that.

    Bring on Fifa 12.

  6.  Not quite CoD


    I bought this game based on me liking the very first MoH games. You can tell it's by the same people as Battlefield 2, and feels different to CoD, obviously. It's still a fun to play game. Nice graphics, fairly easy trophies, good multiplayer etc. There just seems to be something missing from it, hence the 4/5.

  7.  Hogged by my girlfriend


    The game would be alright, if I could actually get a go on it. My girlfriend is addicted to it. Shrinking Bullseye so he's tiny, doing horse and dragon races, customising buildings, changing outfits, buying shops for the town, and doing the story missions as Woody. Very entertaining.

  8. Mafia II

    Mafia II


    3 New from  £10.37  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £5.12

     Best game so far this year


    Brilliant game. Good storyline and well made. Similar to The Saboteur/GTA. The game starts off in Winter and you hear Christmas songs on the car radio, then as you move further in time, the cars, places, and songs change. Plenty of attention to detail. The map is just about the right size and the trophies we're very easy. I played it through twice, and got the Platinum trophy within a week. I'm now working on the add-on game packs to get the additional trophies.

  9.  Dallas Green is a genius


    My favourite artist ever. Dallas is good in Alexisonfire, but 100 times better as City & Colour. Great voice, and well thought out folk/acoustic style songs

  10.  Robert Downey Jr ftw


    If you like action, wit, and sarcasm, you'll love this. R.D.Jr is brilliant as Sherlock, and I even thought Jude Law (who I usually hate) was alright as Watson. The film is full of action, and seems loads shorter than 2 hours.