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  1.  Awesome


    The graphics on the game are brilliant. When you build up the resistance in the Paris, it changes from a Film Noir style, to full colour, which looks great. The game play is easy to get the hang of, and feels similar to GTA etc. The only reason this game didn't get 5 stars is because of the stupid fake American versions of the French and Irish accents. The plot and longevity of the game is well worth 15 quid. Money well spent.

  2.  Fantastic


    I can't really say there's much wrong with this game. Almost perfect. Trophies are good, gameplay is good, graphics are good, story is good. Can't wait for the second one.

  3.  Very nice


    The gameplay has been vastly improved since Fifa 10. Everything feels smoother, and the AI is loads better. Less mistakes happen out of your control, like on Fifa 10. I often lost matches through no fault of my own on that game. The colours used are vibrant and well thought out, considering the theme of the game. The trophies are fairly easy to get, and there's a lot of attention to detail. Overall, a great stepping stone between the Fifa 10 and 11, assuming they build on this progress.

  4. Blur



    2 New from  £29.94  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £23.98

     Loads better than Mario Kart


    It's got the same qualities as Mario Kart in the sense that it's a fun racing game with nitro boosts, power ups, the ability to knock eachother off the track, but in my opinion, this is loads better. It uses a good variety of real cars from the Ford Focus ST to the offroad Nissan Navara, and the graphics are stunning. Unlike some other racing games, the cars are easy to handle too. The career mode is brilliant, but when you're playing other people, this game is outstanding.

  5.  Well worth £20


    If you like football games, you'll most likely love this. I'm addicted. I've been playing it solidly for the last 4 days. The trophies are good, gameplay is original, and the comic book style graphics when you score are brilliant. It's what Fifa Street 3 should have been.

  6. 2012



    18 New from  £7.84  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.89

     Aesthetically pleasing


    Very nice to watch. Looks spot on in blu ray with all of the sfx, but the acting really lets it down. It's as if they thought 'I know, we'll get two huge stars, and get the rest of them off the street'. Cringe worthy in places, but if you like disaster movies, this will be right up your alley.

  7.  Quality


    I bought this to replace my older hard drive as it was full. The first thing I did was format it to FAT32 so it would be compatible with my PS3. I store all of my files, music, pictures, and films on here with no bother at all. The nice gloss finish looks good with the rest of my tv, speakers etc. too. It's not loud either and doesn't take up too much room. Great product.