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  1.  An interesting album!


    This CD is worth the money for the Alexisonfire song 'Tonight i'm going to wash the hippy' alone!

  2.  Top Quality!!!


    Amazing Riffs, Amazing Drumming, Amazing Vocals all combine to create an Amazing Album!!
    Its a definate for any rock fan and should go down as one of the greatest metal albums!!

  3. Saosin


    Saosin - CD

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    Every single track is thoroughly enjoyable and you will find yourself captivated with every note!!
    Any song from the album could be released as a single, that is the quality of this group!! The vocals from the lead singer Cove are amazing!!
    Highlights include 'Voices', 'Bury your head', 'Follow and Feel', and 'Come Close' but i really could mention all the tracklist here! Definate recomendation for every rock fan!

  4.  Intensity in ten tracks!


    A great quality album full of passion and power, which has seen this quality band develop and mature from their previous offerings!! Opening with 'Is it progression if a cannibal uses a fork?', the band signal their intent immediately with an amazing tune and this continues throughout with tunes such as 'Bulls make money...' and 'Lexington' among others!
    This has not been given five stars because the album is not perfect as it does have the odd moment of weakness, but for any fans of this musical genre, or those just looking for new bands outside of their preferred musical style, this is a must for the collection!

  5.  Powerful stuff!!!


    The high pitched vocals, aggressive screams and high tempoed music all combine to create an album full of raw power that will have you bouncing around and getting completely involved. While there are some weaker tracks which are interludes, there are some real gems in amongst them. Tracks such as 'There's no penguins in alaska', 'Baby, you wouldn't last a minute on the creek' and 'One Day Women Will All Become Monsters' are "Emo-Rock" at it's greatest!! Definately worth a purchase.. Quality!

  6.  Great but Discovering the Waterfront is Better!


    Silverstein are a great band with awesome songs and some amazing tunes! Unfortunately, whilst the songs on Arrivals are of a good quality, they falter in comparison with their earlier songs from 'Discovering the Waterfront' and 'When Broken is Easily Fixed'. As an album in its own right, Arrivals is worth a purchase and there are a number of tracks that you will really enjoy, particularly the first half of the album. However, as you progress through the CD, it becomes apparent that the second half of the album is weaker than the songs at the beginning. If you are looking to get into Silverstein as a band then I would recommend getting one of their earlier albums, but if you already have and enjoyed their previous works, i would still recommend buying this album!

  7.  Amazing Album!


    From the melodic vocals to the choral chanting.. this album oozes quality! The screaming parts are not too intense that they are unbearable for people who are only just exploring into this genre of music! All the songs standalone as great tracks in their own right... highlights include 'Your Sword Vs My Dagger', 'Smile in Your Sleep' and 'Discovering the Waterfront'
    Highly recommended, 5 stars!

  8.  A good effort... but not an improvement!


    Following from their success of their last album.. Senses Fail have produced a good quality album from start to finish! The pounding rock beats and good old-fashioned punk sound, this CD really gets your pulse racing! Its very similar to their older stuff.. which is great.. but it often leaves you wondering why they didn't improve as much as they could have.. however, it really is a great listen and well worth checking it out!
    Highlights: Still Searching and Sick Or Sane

  9.  Lyrics are genius!


    A must-have CD for all fans of pop-punk and from a wide range of other genres. The songs are extremely catchy with good vocals and great tunes. The lyrics are extremely intelligent and you'l find yourself laughing at the sheer honesty of them at points.. they are especially easily to relate to. These guys are really musically talented and have a big future ahead of them.. really worth the money!

  10.  Awesome


    This debut album from Escape The Fate shows maturity beyond their experience! There's not one bad song on this album; they are all catchy tunes with great vocals and melodic tunes. People who are put off by bands that scream should still try these guys out... the screaming is not the heaviest and fits in well with the songs (only exception is the last 30 seconds of one song)! This CD is definately worth a listen.. and at a fiver, you really can't go wrong!
    Highlights: There's no sympathy for the dead, Situations and The Webs We Weave