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Product Reviews

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  1.  GREAT


    The gun is really good. If you like shooting games you will love this. It has a different feal to than without it and it also does take a while to get used too. But it is great after a while. The game you get whith it is good to practice on and get used to the gun . It is a good extra to have with the gun. It is built really well i havnt found anything wrong with the gun. Overall this is really good.

  2.  Amazing.


    This film is just fantastic. It is long but you never get bored throuout the film. The joker is so good. The plot and the twists are good. It is one of the best films for sale at bthe moment. A great buy

  3.  Amazing


    Thses are the best speakers i have. They go so loud the room is shaking. They are definatly worth the price. Play has them cheaper than most other places. The sound quality is great. They are a rwally good buy.

  4.  Buy it !


    this phone is amazing, it is superb. i have had it for a while and it is only now i am having preoblems with it. the metal on the front has come off. some of the buttons are not working.

  5.  Amazing


    We have three ipod docking stations and this is the best out of all of them. It has the best sound i have heard on speakers. Dont let the price put you off buying the speakers. The speakers in all is big but that doesnt matter. The first time you play them you get blown away by the quality of the sound.

  6.  Best ipod ever


    This is the best ipod. I had the ipod nano before this and this is so much better. The volume button on the side is really godd and that you can also play music from it without needing speakers is really good. The wifi is good. Being able to play all of the games is good aswell. 16 Gb is alot and is enough if you want games and music . A best buy

  7.  Amazing


    This game is really good and the idea of having big will is really good aswell. The game is sort of easy at the begining but they do get harder. The 2 player games are rubbish but it is a good single player game.

  8.  Lucky to get 2 stars


    This game is really bad. the graphics are appoling. It is so boring and confusing about what you do. I got it for christmas; i was so disapointed about it.

  9.  Best game


    This is such a good game. I really like the 2 player missions they are really good. Being able to play 4 player is really good so every can play the game

  10.  Amazing


    it is such a good movie. it is a must see for everyone. You just don't know what is going to happen next. When it does happen it is excellent. The ending is so good.