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  1.  We Came, We Saw, We Kicked Its Ass.


    This game has many mixed reviews but heres my opinion. First off if you're a fan of the films you will love it simply for the experience and the comedy, if you didn't think much of the films then you will not enjoy it as much if at all. The gameplay is fairly easy at times however there are some challenging parts as well as a professional difficulty. There are seven levels but they are quite long, they will take around an hour each or longer if you take the time to do everything. If you're into trophies then you'll enjoy going for the platinum as you have numerous things to scan and collect and challenges to complete both hard and easy in order to get 100%, also there are online trophies. Overall its a strait forward game, only non replayable if you don't care about trophies, kids will love it and adults will be tolerant if you are a fan of the films, then you'll like the classic moments of memorbillia and comedy.

  2.  OUCH! Thats Loud...


    I can't praise these enough, I'd have never believed this quality was possible for a pair of earbuds. The bass is as strong as the large headphones, the sound is so loud that your ears hurt, and yet anyone around you can barely hear the music your playing. Much better than my previous sony headphones and now i'm glad my dog ate them. If you love your music you won't regret this buy. Oh and by the way they're perfect for the Ipod Shuffle. they have a single strait cord no volume control like others and a gold jack for the plug. Hope this helps anyone in their purchase.

  3.  Unlock PS3 Potential


    This drive is quiet, cool, fast and offers more than enough space for the PS3. Demo's, Music, Movies, Games whatever you like will fir and still you'll be saying "wow look at the space". Easy to install full installation and restore of files will take no more than 30 mins. The only thing I was unhappy about is the delivery time, I had to wait 26 days beofre I recieved this in my hand. And I'm not the only one my friend had to wait over three weeks for his too. Apart from that have no doubt for purchasing this drive, even for a laptop since it has a low power consumption it will increase battery life and overall performance for HDD hungry operating systems like Viista. Hope this helped anyone who reads. :)

  4.  FEEL the game.


    Its a good controller, exactly the same shape and size as the sixaxis. Its about twice as heavy and takes a bit of getting used to if you've been used to the lighter sixaxis fr a while. The rumble feature is good and works well but its a bit weak, weaker than the dualshock 2 from the PS2. But with that in mind it still adds a FEEL to the gameplay, you know when you've been shot in mercenaries 2, you know when you've cast your force powers in Star Wars The Force Unleashed, you know when you're being fired at in MGS4 and so on. It comes with no charging cable so you must rely on the one you already own of get any USB A-B cable. Overall a great purchase and great to really FEEL the game rather than just mindlessly play. Hope this review is helpful to all who read. :)

  5.  Spooky!


    This game has an excellent gameplay story to keep you entertained for the whole game. Some levels are scary as hell but WOW this game is great. The story of the game just makes you want to keep going to find out what happens next, and to be honest it is challenging because depending on the difficulty setting you choose you take a lot of damage when fighting. the forensics and investigation side missions are great and you get bonus's and rewards for how well you do, like extra health and more damaging punches ect.

  6.  a bit bulky.


    This headset does exactly what its supposed to do. Without a doubt pairs to phones and PS3 without problems and sound quality is perfect and loud. The only reason I give 4 stars is the size, the headset is a bit bulky and can be slightly uncomfortable for this reason with needing the extended mic. apart from this issue a good quality headset with excellent sound quality, if you don't mind the size of a headset then go for it I would say.

  7.  Simply Amazing.


    I am normally bias about DVD-R's in the sense that I only buy Verbatim brand. I was a bit worried that these disks would not be up to the challenge of competeing against such quality.... but I was wrong. These Sony disks are amazing quality, have used 50 so far and not one coaster, where with Verbatim I always got atleast one bad disk if not more. These Sony disks have burnt movies for me flawlessly in as perfect quality as the "Verbs". These disks are slightly thinner which prevents vibration in the drive for more table writing, also the AccoCore technology protects the disks for long term storage, above all else with their pearl white face they are extremely elegant. If you as a buyer have any doubt over these disks, look no further as you will not find greater quality. Make way the new kings of the DVD-R age.

  8.  Hmmmm


    Most of the game is not true to the film, but if it wasn't then the game would be very short indeed. If you're a spidey fan you will enjoy having a swing around fighting crime. If you are not a fan you will probably get bored easy as its more of a childs game than anything else.

  9.  A huge let down.


    A bit like Max Payne but not as fun. The story was boring, the gameplay wasnt very entertaining and even the visuals were a bit lacking for a PS3 title. It was a regret buying this, I don't reccommend it.

  10.  Great for Online


    Never have I been into the COD games, and part of me still isnt. The story didnt interest much and sometimes was a bit boring to play. But this game makes up for that with the online play, if you have a PS3 online then buy this you might like the story or you might not but I guarantee all will love this game online. GET YOUR HEADSETS ON!