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  1.  Picoult not at her best


    Picture Perfect is a fairly good read but very light in comparison to other of Picoult's books... the story is well-told but rather predictable and goes on for too long... unlike other stories by the same author, this ends just as you might guess during the first third... If you want an extraordinary read, go for 19 Minutes or My Sister's Keeper.

  2.  a must read


    I read The House of the Spirits for the first time nealy 20 years ago and re-read it a few weeks ago and enjoyed it even more. Allende tells the most extraordinary story, the family saga is compelling, the political angle fascinating, the spiritual angle touching and and and... Allende is undoubtedly one of the most talented contemporary writers and this is her masterpiece!

  3.  surprising!


    Unlike the other readers, I actually enjoyed this novel a lot, probably more so than Keyes' previous novels although admittedly it is a less lighthearted read. Keyes' characters are more mature, more grown-up bit she never loses her wit!

  4.  predicatble and sentimental


    I am a dedicated Jane Green reader but Jemina J was really not all that great. It's a ok enough read but filled with clishees and sentimentality - given the choice, read Bookends or Life Swap or Mr Maybe all of which are fantastic.

  5.  Superb


    I saw Morcheeba LIVE a couple of days ago at a small-ish venue with Manda on vocals and boy, was it great! If ever you get the chance, don't hesitate! If not, you can enjoy this album :-)

  6.  not brave enough


    After numerous superb reviews for this book I ordered Nigella Express and I am dead disappointed. So much so that after reading most recipies I still have not actually had the courage to try a single one. I don't doubt they are extraordinarily luscious but if you don't eat double cream in buckets you're rather stuck... might give it a second chance after all the other superb reviews...

  7.  most satisfying movie


    a must see - every details works, superb performance by Denzel Washington, extremely clever storyline. Only a shame that Jodie Foster is a rather disappointing...

  8.  a long trip and a great read


    This is one of the most surprising books I have read in a long time. Add to the mix: a well-paced plot that keeps you on your toes and takes you on far-away travels, evocative descriptions, unusual yet oten likeable characters and a mixed bag of emotions sprinkled with a gsoh. definitely a very satifying read I highly recommend!

  9.  this is not a crime novel but...


    The Abortionist's daughter lacks suspense which is the essential ingredient to a murder mystery. As you read on though, you realise that the novel does not aspire to be crime fiction. This is the story of how a rather disturbed set of characters (the lawyer-husband, the student-daughter, the cop, the pro-life reverend, the daughter's ex-boyfriend) deals rather disjointedly with a dramatic event and, in parallel, how each deal with their own drama. Although the plot is thin and littered with clishee and sentiment and the characters are not particularly likeable, I surprised myself by enjoying the read nevertheless- maybe it's Hyde's decent prose that did it for me

  10.  unforgettable


    One of my favourite reads of all times! The language is exquisite, the plot unusal yet fascinating and most impressive is the fact that the novel has a rhythm of its own, a bit like a dance which mirrors the plot. The characters are credible and likeable. Moments of great tension are interspersed with languour, nearly ennui and hilarity. An accessible and most satisfying read. I found it impossible to put this book down.