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  1. Blur


    Xbox 360

    2 New from  £39.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £7.55

     Good 4 player game


    I bought this game due to the price and because you can play 4 player split screen. Very decent I must say a bit like Mario Carts but with proper cars etc. Haven't played single player but if you want a game you can all play at once then well worth the money.

  2.  Good but not great


    Was expecting big things from this but have to say it falls a little short of Battlefield Bad Company and of couse COD. Back in the day Medal of Honor games were king of the FPS but when their developers left due to EA not wanting too much blood and gore in their games. It was EA's loss as these guys started making COD games. I still enjoyed this game however and it is very good online.

  3.  It's just soooo big


    Man this game is just huge. It is Grand Theft Auto on a horse and the settings/backdrops are and look amazing. I'm only giving this game 4.5/5 as I just don't have the time to play it. You could spend days just riding about doing stuff never mind the actual missions. I downloaded the Undead Nightmare and this is good also but unless your on the dole, in jail, have no life or family then you might struggle to invest the time in it. If you like GTA you will love this just wish I had the time to play it.

  4.  Great game but.....


    Loved the 1st BBC and like this one is even more. Graphics etc are excellent and multiplayer is great but I would still always put on COD before this, dunno why. It's a bit like Pro Evo or FIFA, you just like one more than the other.

  5.  Call Of Duty - you know what your getting


    Another year, another Call of Duty. You know what your getting and it's all good. Great 1 player game which is a little short but they all are (the actual story in this one is very good). Multiplayer is top notch as you would expect and there are some new maps now on XBOX live. If this was the first COD game to come out all reviewers would be giving it 5 stars so don't be put off with some of the reviews, buy it and enjoy.

  6.  What a bargain


    Bought this for the wife as she is always having to borrow her old mans and boy it is good. For the money I wasn't expecting too much but noticed it had good reviews and I see why. I picked it up and withought a whif of the instructions (well I am awesome) I was filming then playing back on the HD TV. So if your wanting a bit of fun with a camcorder but don't want to pay over the odds this is the one, brilliant.

  7.  Go on you know you want to


    I'm a huge fan of survival horror games and was looking forward to this game months before it came out. After seeing the initials reviews though I didn't bother getting it when it was released. Bought on the cheap though last week and thought I'd give it a go and it's decent enough. Graphics etc are great and and at first the game appears excellent......that is until you start controlling the boy and you see why so many folk have given it a poor review. Whoever decided on the control system should have got their jotters as they are terrible but if your awesome like me you'll soon get the hang of it and the game is good but let down by the controls.

  8.  An oldie but a goodie


    Ok this game has been about for a while but it is a bit of a classic. I've had for ages and only recently completed as I had bought the second game and thought I'd better. It has a great storyline which is very realistic and boy does this game make you jump. The sound is fantastic and as you play most of the game with a flashlight you can't really see what is coming but you can hear it!! The graphics are starting to look a bit tired now and the fighting is a little repetitive but if you want a game that is genuinely frightning then for £9.99 you can't go wrong. Oh and there is a very good ending to the game.

  9.  Only for Bond fans


    When I heard there was a Bond game coming out for the 360 I was a little wary as the last couple that came out on the PS2 were average. I bought this and must say it is also very average. Compaired with other recent games (Dead Space, Call of Duty 5, Gears of War 2) the graphics are poor to say the least. It's a first person shooter and to he honest there are much better games out there. If your a Bond fan you will buy anyway like I did but if not spend your hard earned cash on something better like the above games I've mentioned.

  10.  Play in the dark


    Play this one in the dark with the surround sound up a few notches and holly smoke you will be scared. The graphics, lighting and oh the sound are amazing. The detail in the sound is incredible and makes you jump constantly. This is the best survival horror out there at the moment, great story and feels like they have taken some ideas from Alien and The Thing (which is great). Get this game. My kids don't even come in the room if I'm playing this, they are too scared!!