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  1.  Saints welcome.


    Let me start by saying i think this is a good game with a major floor. The graffics are great, the sound track works, the cars are nice........but..........the ai is rediculous. You will need the patience of a saint to play this game because after the 100th time of watching a golf gti mk1 bomb past you tricked out evo like you wasnt moving your controller will take a journey towards the wall. This is the most unfair game i have ever played. The ai cars never make mistakes or crash meaning that 1 little miss judgement from you and its race over (and you will make a little mistake during every race because of the nature of the gane). The special wepons hurt you more than your opponents (roar will always move a car right in front of you while your opponent races of into the distance untouched). So if you love being frustrated, buy this game. Personally, once i have rinsed the trophies its going back as it isnt what i would consider enjoyable, its a grind.