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  1.  Brilliant Fun Addictive


    Title says it all brilliant fun addictive keeps you coming back for more

  2.  Mint


    The demo says it's not a final representation of the final game

    Brilliant demo addictive online and two good maps. Training mission is a huuuge help.

    Graphics are ok but then again graphics aren't everything.

  3.  Brilliant Trilogy


    Personally i prefer 1,2,3 to 4,5,6

    This is to introduce a new generation to star wars and complete the saga.

    The only reason the old people prefer the old ones is because these 3 show darth vader showed emotion and feelings and was not just an evil killing machine.

    Well worth the purchase the star wars saga is probably the best in movie history

  4.  Brilliant


    A brilliant game a great improvement on the first it's a single player or co-op game.

    If you ask me more devs should concentrate more on the story like this does than just mindless stupid multiplayer,

  5.  Brilliant


    Obviously its the same singstore as there is only 1

  6.  Brilliant


    The 40gb is exactly the same as the 60gb with a couple of exceptions,

    1. There is 20gb less memory, do what i did and buy a 250gb internal hard drive works like a charm.

    2. No memory card slots, woopy who used them anyway

    3. Cannot play ps2 games, well thats good news the 60gb was never made for pal versions really anyway you only hd to look at how poorly some of the games played.

    4. 2 usb ports instead of 4

    So you see the 40gb is the same as the 60gb, it has a built in blu ray player built in wi fi and a free online service.

    Drakes forune is a brilliant ps3 title.

    And remeber only 40gb ps3 owners should be reviewing this no 60gb owners

    Hardly touched till Mgs4 never touched since review changed form 5 to 3

  7.  Loved it. Why All The Hate??????????


    First of all i never go by reviews i prefer to have my own opinion on things and not follow other peoples opinions like sheep.

    I personally loved it its my opinon.

    Lohan is great per usual i still think her best movie was Mean Girls but this is close behind.

  8.  ok


    It's ok but a bit expsensive with only a few exclusives and mainly has multi platform games no good games till next month onwards but if you can't wait buy this value pack

  9.  One of the best games i've played EVER!!!


    I got this pre owned the other day and i've been hooked ever since. with a brilliant storyline, finally a game with humor that actually works, in some peoples opinions it too short but if you take a break and play on another game for a while it won't seem so quick.

  10. Blackout


    Britney Spears - CD

    9 New from  £3.09  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.15



    Her best to date in MY opinion. After listening to it at least over 100 times easily all i can say is Gimme Gimme More.

    This is Britney Kicking a** and not for the first time

    This is probably the first album where i have actually enjoyed all the tracks.