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  1.  Excellent album


    Admittedly it took 2 listens through the first CD to get into it but I can't stop listening to this now. DT have once again produced a masterpiece, in my opinion, better than Systematic Chaos and maybe better than anything since SFAM. My favourite song off the album is Count of Tuscany its an amazing song and a great close to the first CD.

  2.  Very fun to play


    Once you get past the fact that there are a few bugs and random crashes its actually a good game, there need to be a few UI improvements especially with the chat and friends function as there are a few annoying features about them. Mainly the fact you can't add friends when they're offline and also the chat panel, whilst seeming small, also seems to take up a big chunk of the screen when its open.

    The graphics aren't too bad, people who have said they're rubbish need to play it on higher settings. While they're not amazing you cant expect incredible graphics from a "mmorpg" (use the term loosely coz tbh the multiplayer factor doesnt come into it much with 90% of the game being instanced and even the stations are semi-instanced so you only see a fraction of the people playing)

    Playability is good, much like diablo and WoW it gets pretty samey with "go here, kill this, activate this etcetc" but its still addictive which makes people play these sort of games.

    The ideas and imagry are cool, with the different factions all having distinct looks and play styles. Going through parts of London that are well known is quite sppoky too, especially the 1st time i went through picadilly circus and thought "damn, this place has changed in 2 weeks"

    Overall its a good game, not the best, but its gonna keep people occupied for a while

  3.  Great buy


    Love this game, its well worth buying. Action packed, exciting and hilarious aswell in places. Just running around finding ways to use the environment to kill people is great fun and all the special moves are cool.
    Precision aim is great fun and barrage is just insane.
    The cinematics are really nice and the game play is smooth with tequila time adding another dimention to the gameplay. Its the sort of game you can play start to finish in one sitting because it so addictive. Admittedly it can get a bit repetative, but just when you start feeling that, somethin gnew gets thrown at you, or you find a new fun way to dispatch the nameless grunts :P

  4.  Back on track


    You put the CD in the tray, press play, Sleepwalker starts blasting out and you just can't help but jump around. Great intro song and a definite return to form from an awesome band.
    The System has Failed was seen by many fans as a kind of black mark on Megadeth's record but this, their next album is probably going to overshadow that. The album still draws heavily from the lyrical content of TSHF, being very pro-action against terrorists and the title track pretty much condemns the UN for never acting (big generalisation there). The music, however, is a complete return to form with guitar solo's hitting you from all directions, catchy riffs and generally the fast paced thrash metal that is expected of a band with so much experience and such an awesome back catalogue of classics.
    I'm personally not a fan of the new version of A Tout Le Monde, but maybe its just me. I wasn't keen Christina Scabbia's vocals in the song, even though I like Lacuna Coil, I don't think that her voice mixes well with Mustaine's traditional growly vocals. The new guitar solo that i wasn't too keen on to begin with has grown on me though so possibly the vocals could with time as well.
    Overall Megadeth seem to have actually listened to their fans input on the last album, and have made an album that will keep the die-hard fans happy but will also open their music to whole new fan base and deliver the message Mustaine seems so eager to put across to the world

  5.  Funny once


    When I saw this at the cinema I laughed sooooo hard. The first part of the film can be a little tedious due to the slow story build up, but the jokes, whether just in-your-face or all those hidden little references, still make the film fun to watch. The whole film kicks off when Pegg drop kicks the old woman in the face. From that point on the hilarity is too much to take. The gory bits are amazing too and a little sickening, although i personally couldn't stop laughing when the reporter gets crushed ^^.
    The story line is so ridiculous and for that fact makes it a good film, much like Commando or Snakes on a Plane.
    There are references to Spaced and Shaun of the Dead in there too which makes it all the more funny for those of us who are enlightened in their ways :P
    As the title says however, I didn't find it as funny the second time through. In Fact I skipped forward through most of the film just to watch the last 30 minutes from the granny incident. Well worth seeing but you really have to be in the right sort of mood to rewatch it
    Still 5 starts though :)

  6.  Incredible game once you get into it


    The game is a bit slow to start, but once you're out of the 1st zone and find some assault rifles then it really picks up. The shooting aspect of the game is somewhat inaccurate which can be frustrating at times but it does give the game a more realistic feel. The story line is pretty good and there are some moments in the game that make you really jump. Also random monsters jumping out of you unexpectedly is a frequent occurance if you're not carful.
    Well worth the 17.99 although i dont think the game likes dual core processors much as it sometimes gets a bit jumpy while i'm playing. Graphics are impressive too if your machine is capable of running it on full settings.

  7.  Heavier, faster, darker


    Like the title says, Paradise Lost have gone heavier, faster and darker than previous albums. But in a good way! I'm all for their traditional doomy metal and Believe in Nothing is one of my favourite albums of all time, but this album just seems...right. The link to previous albums is there with the low tuning of guitars and bass and the meaningful dark lyrics that give them such a distinct sound, yet the faster pace helps build on that sound and make it all together in my opinion better.
    I can see this being an album that will grace my play list for a very long time and the velvety Ltd edition case is great ^^

  8.  Incredible


    Scenes From A Memory basically tells a story throughout the album. The music is used to reflect mood and does this amazingly well. So many styles and genre's are used as the album moves on through the story that its hard to keep track at times. The technicality of the music is at such a high standard too and it makes the album a classic progressive record.
    The bass solo on Scene Seven - The Dance of Eternity is immense as well so look out for it if you do buy the album :P
    This is the sort of album you can go back to time and time again and it never seems to get old, it really is a must own for...well...everyone

  9.  The heavy side of DT


    This is by far Dream Theater's heaviest album and its definitely up there in their top 3. As I Am is a great opener to the album as it sets the pace that never really lets up, well, until you get to Vacant which is the slow intro to instrumental Stream of Consciousness. Each band member gives it their all and some of the music seems pretty impossible to play, especially the incredibly technical guitar work of John Petrucci and the insanely fast bass playing of John Myung. The Lyrics also hold a lot of meaning and James LaBrie's voice is amazing and fits in well with the rest of music. Even though each band member excels in their area, the band still manages to gel together as a whole.
    Tracks that particularly stick out are This Dying Soul, Endless Sacrifice and Stream of Consciousness
    Dream Theater aren't widely recognised, but this is one of their more accessible albums and I'd definitely recommend it to someone that hasn't heard much or any other DT work

  10.  Classic


    This really is a classic British comedy. I didn't think Simon Pegg and Nick Frost could out-do themselves after Spaced, yet here's the evidence. Funny from the start with all the references to general population being zombies before the crisis, and all of the memorable one liners, plus all the spaced references too make this incredibly funny. Wielding the finest weapons money can buy, namely a cricket bat and shovel, Pegg and Frost carry out their plan to save their loved ones and get in a cold pint down at the Winchester (their local) after a virus spreads through the population of London turning them into zombies. Well worth buying if you haven't seen it, although frankly where have you been hiding if you haven't.