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  1.  Epic!


    This film is simply epic! You have to watch the first fiulm because it sets it up nicely, but this film was just incredible! It made the first film look like a prologue! Perfect! You must watch it!

  2.  Fantastic!


    At last, a Transformers t-shirt for women! This is a great t-shirt and the fabric is light and comfortable. The only problem i have is that the design isn't quite as pictured. The logo is actually red (not pink as pictured) with 3D style white outline, and the crystals are white/clear.
    Still, that is a small price to pay for such a great t-shirt! Highly recommended for female Transformers fans.

  3.  A Relaxing Game


    If you love Mahjjong, you will like this game. There are 3 different types of Mahjjong board to play (construction, dragon wall and race) and also a fourth game based on matching three symbols to clear them (like Bejewelled). Play have got their description slightly wrong. The nicely challenging story mode is actually set in Ancient China, and the story is based on a war between dragons and Chinese warriors. The game has an authentic Chinese feel, making it a lovely game to play. However, there are two minor things that, i believe, make this game flawed. The first is the music. It is beautiful Chinese music, but it is not loud enough to enjoy. The second is the game play. Two game modes are timed and one doesn't require you to nessacarily clear the board. The only regular Mahjjong board style is the 'construction' puzzle. However that's just my personal opinion, you may like this aspect of the game. Overall a very good game which is sure to give any Mahjjong fan hours of relaxing entertainment.

  4.  Brilliant!


    If you are like me and like to personalize everything then this is for you. It has a silver-grey base plate and a clear top plate. You sandwich your own customized paper plates in between the two and presto! Your own custom faceplate! In the review before me, the guy said that the disc tray didn't open properly. I haven't had any problem. The reason was probably because they didn't pop the 'holes' out properly! A great customization tool, highly recommended!

  5.  Fantastic Value!


    This is one amazingly priced game. The graphics push the DS to the limit, the amount of monsters is astounding and it has online play! This is one bargain of a game! Look anywhere else and it is much more expensive. The only downside is that it can get a bit repetitive.

  6.  Wonderful!


    Easy to use, VERY comfortable and very, very pretty! It cycles through different colours like red, blue, purple, white and green, creating a peaceful sense of ambiance on your desktop! This is a fantastic mouse if you are looking for something a bit different!

  7.  Mindblowing!


    This is easily one of my all-time favourite games! I loved the first Tomb Raider for the PS1 but was put off the series when they started taking out the actual 'tomb raiding' element. Lara became a city girl and i didn't like that. As an old school Lara fan, i was very very impressed with this game! It stays true to the original while updating it significantly. The achievements are challenging to get and the 360 version even comes with a bonus content DVD, whereas with other versions you need to buy the special editions. A truly fantastic game! I can't wait for Underworld! Bring back the old school Lara!!

  8.  Very Fun!


    This is a surprisingly fun game! Take Crash Bash, add the characters from Viva Pinata and throw in the addition of racing and you have yourself Party Animals! Great to play with friends, the majority of the achievements are very easy to get too, for all you achievement hunters! The reason it lost a star from me is because it is not so good single player, but with Xbox Live there will be no reason for you to play alone! Great game!

  9.  One of the best games, ever!


    Oblivion is easily one of the best games i have EVER played. Ok, so compared to most new games now, it may seem a bit primitive, but it is still an awesome game! I was introduced to it playing on my boyfriend's PC version and i was hooked! When this game of the Year console addition appeared, i immediately grabbed it! It has the two expansion packs included and because it is for the 360, you can download exclusive 360 content too! highly recommended for all RPers, there is something for everyone in this game!

  10.  Incredible!


    Transformers is one of the greatest films i have EVER seen! OMG!!! Lol!
    I'm not mad.....:-D