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  1.  Fantastic


    It's completely different and bonkers when compared to anything else out there with enough sexual innuendo to put a smirk on John Major's face.

  2.  It's the same.


    It brings nothing new to the series but that's fine because I feel it works perfectly as it is...kill as many enemies as you can, as quickly as you can...bliss.

  3.  I'm a fanboy soo...


    I love this series and whole-heartedly believe it can do no wrong but here is one simple fact that you should bear in mind.

    it is almost EXACTLY the same to Resident Evil 4...right from the engine to the storyline to the characters and this is it's major downfall...it offers nothing new except more interesting weapons and flashier-quick time events.

    The only significant change is co-op mood which is the reason I've given it five stars because the experience of fleeing from a chainsaw-wielding zombie with a comrade is exceptionally fun so Nick's golden rule with this game is unless you're a dire fun, only buy it to play with your friends :).

  4.  Nigh on impossible.


    Call me lazy but surely precise application shouldn't be this difficult, requires a lot of time and effort and simply isn't worth it...it merely protects your iPod from scratches...it'll still smash into small pieces if you drop it...unless applied perfectly, it looks horrendous.

    There should really be a more detailed description in the product bio.

  5.  Thank God


    I have to agree with FincHy - this is the true sequel to DMC1...it's regained that epic feel that leaves you wanting to know more.
    The storyline is better than any of the previous 3 and involves far more character interaction and dialogue...something that the others lacked.
    The gameplay is better than any before it with weapons and combos elaborately explained and enemies being far more varied in type and fighting style rather than mowing down hordes of the same, repetitive drone.
    The graphics are just stunning and the FMV sequences look absolutely flawless.

    just a brilliant game - 8.5/10

  6.  Moving...


    Feeder's original drummer - Jon Lee, committed suicide before this album's completion for unknown reasons and the theme of the album is very much about loss and not feeling alone. I would personally herald this as one of the greatest albums ever made, admittedly Feeder are the not the most amazingly talented musical band but their lyrics are second to none...as though poetry has been put to music.
    Every last song on this album actually MEANS something...a far cry from most bands in the modern day...more reminiscent of bands such as The Who and The Clash, back when music had a message and tried it's hardest to convey it.
    The album is very easy to listen to...the kind where you put your MP3 on, sit back in a comfy chair with a beverage of your choice and just feel the music wash over you like calming wave...it is highly reflective and for me personally, puts life into perspective and lets me approach things with a level head.

  7.  Outstanding


    A great all-American band, went tragically unrecognised and have now split up but not without leaving 3 fantastic albums - this being one of them. The album covers a variety of song types from the moving and haunting 'Alive' to the slightly heavier and more amusing. 'Politically Incorect'. Very easy listening and could appeal to a range of audiences. I would personally reccomend this for any fans of Yellowcard, Sum 41, Bowling For Soup and bands of the like.