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  1.  Animal Coat


    This is a fabulous coat great for the spring and for the price was a real bargain.

  2.  A masterpiece...


    This is going to be a long review so bear with me... Okay, firstly I would like to congratulate Rockstar from moving on from the GTA series for a while as GTA4 wasn't all it was cracked up to be as it was missing the element of fun that San Andreas had with planes, parachutes and endless cheat codes. But I am glad to say that this fun factor has been brought back in 1911 to the Frontier and Mexico in this sublime game. I'll start with the basics. Graphics: on par with GTA4 and MGS4, but due to its size it cannot match Uncharted 2 or Killzone 2, but I dont blame the developers with that map! The graphics on the landscape are also incredible and you can see as far the landscape will allow you to, so no more galloping through the wilderness and then a town suddenly pops out from nowhere, you can see settlements from miles off! The map: massive, stretch out San Andreas and add a little bit on the side then you have the scale, and due to its superb graphics, no bit of this map goes untouched. Gameplay and controls: the controls are quite difficult to master as I'm sure alot of people are migrating from online COD and other FPSs and are therefore used to L1/R1 shooting, but its L2/R2 in this game, no big deal though as you'll soon pick them up with ease. Weapons: a great variety of revolvers and pistols including modern technology such as gatling guns and maxim machine guns. Repeaters and rifles are also plentiful in this game including a one-shot, one-kill buffalo rifle for those hunters amongst us. That brings me onto the next element, the environment: from small desert weeds to cacti, to tall pine trees, each area has a specific climate and foliage which harbours many different animals. The animals: starting off in New Austin, the only animals you have access to are deer and smaller creatures such as raccoons, skunks, rabbits and armadillos, and later on cougars, wolves and boar will appear too. Mexico typically is a baron landscape still harbouring the deer and smaller creatures but lacking variety. The North is where the hunters come into there stride with bears, beavers, elk, deer (as usual), wolves, bobcats, some cougars pop up at the most inappropriate times as well, bighorns and buffalo are also roaming the great plains of the north, and to add to this game's accuracy and splendor, the buffalo are limited so once they're gone, they're gone. The missions: very fast-paced action missions to herding cattle in a ranch, to breaking horses, or just providing an escort for a dear old lady, very variable missions and not at all repetitive. Keeps the game moving very steadily without making it too predictable. The story: a classic tale of a man trying to turn his life around in the face of his past, sublime. The best free roam story there is and has a surprising, emotional and truly shocking end that provides this game with a true sensation of looking back from where you are now to the moment you started the game. Every game should have that sensation, but only a few can master it such as Uncharted and the MGS series. But as is common with every Rockstar game, we have faux pas and glitches which come thick and fast with long play periods, glitches involving heads of animals suddenly becoming stuck to the heads of humans (I remember playing some dude at poker who had a horse head, 'Why the long face?' I guess). Glitches involving ammunition and outfits, people walking backwards everywhere, and people sitting IN benches the wrong way. But you know what? I don't care! This game is a masterpiece, and with the glitches aside this game is without doubt the game of the year... a true gaming experience of epic quality and scale, buy it without hesitation, truly epic.

  3.  A decent war movie, but...


    I saw this film after hearing that Avatar got pipped to the post at the Oscars by this film, and because of that I thought that this film must be incredible (as I loved Avatar). It had a great intro and some brilliant set pieces with a good cast, however this film isn't that accurate as someone has said before, and because my brother is a bomb technician in the Army, he talked me through the proper procedure without the teletubby armour that they glorify in this film. I think that the director has done a good job in creating a emotional and gritty film that shows you dont need fountains of blood and buffets of gore in order to create a war movie of decent proportions. However this is the but, because I am a fan of entertaining films, films that make you want to watch it over and over again, I cannot understand how Avatar got beaten by this, just my opinion. And I believe that the reviews for this on most sites are somewhat accurate stating how it is overrated due to its Oscar wins, partly because Avatar was watched by more people and appealed to a wider audience, which the Oscars should really take into accountwhen selecting winners. All in all this is a good movie, and any die hard war movie fan should not turn this down, but other films out there in this category are far better.

  4.  Great game!


    First of all I don't know how mister "hmmm..." could give this game just 1 star because it at least deserves 4. This game is massive, twice the size of the San Andreas map and has an incredible height to it where you can just keep going until it takes you ages to reach the bottom. You can skydive, you can parasail, you can swim on and under the surface of water, you can fly planes, you can drive boats, you can drive cars adn you can do anything you like in this game, and there is so much more freedom than any other sandbox game. The graphics are very good, but not the best, but can you blame the developers with that huge map? The gameplay is very good, but the AI is still of basic standards for a sandbox game, just running and shooting really. The guns are a bit of a problem for me though, there is only a small selection to choose from with only 2 shotguns, 2 machine guns, a sniper rifle, a grenade launcher, a revolver, a submachine gun and a pistol, not forgetting grenades and C4, this can make it a bit tedious after a while. The vehicles are very good but yet again they still pale in comparison to the vehicles of Mercenaries 2 because there is only 4 types of armed helicopter compared to M2's almost unlimited amount of variations of the same helicopter for each faction. I also thought that some tanks would be in this game, and although there is a few armoured vehicles, they all have wheels! Which shows that maybe the detail of the tracks were too much for the developers to handle, this again makes M2 look somewhat superior to it. But the jets and fighter planes in this game make it much more explosive compared to M2. I have found myself being sidetracked many times due to the settlements and resource items that need to be found, as I am 25 hours in and only done 3 agency missions. But because of the scale and all the stuff that needs to be found I did unfortunately find myself getting bored of this game. But all in all this game is a marvelous achievement that deserves far more credit than the mundane FPSs like MW2 that constantly consume the praise. I think this game is fantastic, there is no word to describe its scale and its fun, but I think that boredom might strike if you aim for 100%. Very fresh take on a sandbox game and one that will be remembered for years to come.

  5.  Absolutely essential...


    As the title suggests once you've used these you wont be able to go back to slippy slippy standard triggers. These make it so much easier to use the triggers because they have an inwards arch shape that traps the finger giving it nowhere to slide off from. I don't know why Sony haven't put these onto the dualshocks already because they are so useful. They are very easy to stick on and take off, but be warned that if you drop your controller onto the side that the real triggers are on, they will ping off and slide around the floor until they hit a wall or get under a sofa. But for the price these can't be missed, I've got 3 pairs of 'em, thats how good they are. Buy!

  6.  Absolutely incredible!


    Okay, because I rate games on there storyline ALONE, I'm gonna be fair to this one and leave the first one's out. I liked the first one, didn't love it but I liked it very much. But I must say this game is so loveable I cried in delight that Ubisoft have actually managed a sequal which isn't exactly the same as the first one (referring to MW2). Okay, now the cons: The graphics are quite poor compared to other games when cutscenes arise, but in the gameplay they're as tight as a drum, beautiful scenery and exquisite textures leave you jaw-dropped, honestly. Second con: Really fussy and finicky controls can hinder your game, especially when in pursuit of a target over roofs where climbing and grabbing is essential. Pros: previously mentioned graphics, combat is fantastic, the addition of the RPG element (upgrades, shops, money and a home), the business side of it where you can "spend money to make money" as they say, about 22 new weapons that get stored in your house, the addition of armour that makes you look real cool as well as clothes and colours that you can customise to your liking. There is also the removal of the flags (thank god) which made you slave over around 420 of them in the first game, but in this one you have only 100 feathers to collect with each one adding business to the game so in the end they're not an entire waste of time and a nightmare to find. Phew... have a I said everything? Um... Oh yeah! The game gives you something to work towards as the game infuses the history of Altair with this storyline and in the end you'll get some of Altair's... well, buy it and find out! Truly superb...

  7.  I was really looking forward to this...


    This is a far-cry from my rampant shoot 'em ups which usually fill up my hard drive, but nevertheless I still went and bought it. And after a few good videos and some brilliant reviews my mind was dead set on enjoying it and getting it's platinum. At first it was very easy to set up and get to grips with, but then came the glitches... Day 7 of the challenges... Oh no! It just packs up, doesn't detect any movement or sound for that challenge (which I need to complete to progress). Up until then the game was fine and very cute. And this isn't just my room's lighting conditions, alot of people have had the exact same problem. And speaking of which, the lighting is the worst thing to have ever happened to this game, it's just so finnicky and fussy it will make you pull your hair out. And guess what! It turns out that if you have natural light in the room you play it in, it will calibrate itself to that light setting, so when the sun goes in, even if you have enough artificial light, it still wouldn't work, which sucks because when I get home in the winter it will usually be dark anyway. I really wanted to enjoy this game, but I can't if I can't get further than 45%. I guess I'll have to go back to Uncharted 2. Check your lighting before buying. Great game if conditions are right.

  8.  It's just... Wow!


    Wow, and I thought the first one was the best game I have ever played. I've been glued to my PS3 now for well over 40 hours, that's how addictive it is. I love it! Right, okay, here's the stats: Graphics: best I've ever seen, and I mean it. Not only are they full of colour and immensely detailed, but they are just awe-inspiring, fire is really realistic, explosions aren't the best ever but they are still beyond anything in it's class. Sound: from explosions to witty-one-liners the sound is very clear and what is needed to be heard is heard through the volume control. Storyline: It's a blockbuster movie, a videogame and an atom bomb full of women and guns! Best film-like storyline ever... but what about MGS4, nah... Uncharted beats that with the 'understandable' factor which MGS doesn't have. Unlike Uncharted, that was too confusing. Gameplay: brilliant action and combat moves, ace partner cooperation moves and wicked shooting systems, and I know people complain because it was lifted from Gears Of War system, but it is much better because it is more believable and it has far better graphics. Gamelife: after getting to know the game after a few playthroughs you can swing through with ease (not on crushing), just like Drake's Fortune. But for your first play-through, 18 hours I would say. Overall: well let me put it this way, twice as many women as the first, twice as many guns, four times the amount of bosses and 1,000,000 times better than anything else you would play. Best game of the year for PS3 and I dunno but I wouldn't be surprised if this outsold COD6 later this year. And I think it's time Lara Croft went back to her country estate and shot herself because Nathan Drake is the new daddy of this genre. Beautiful, awesome, sexy, romantic, action-packed and destroyer of all that stands in it's way for Game Of The Year. Buy now! Don't rent to try! BUY! There shall be no regret, trust me...

  9.  Hard to see the 'best game ever' side of it.


    Yes, this game was very good, but I felt that it was missing something, I don't know what, but it just was. Nonetheless this game was very good, and will leave you addicted to the online mode, but it's games like this that make smaller game companies abandon game ideas that might just be little gems of beauty that we'll love even more. Simply because this game is too dominating. But this year it will change because MW2 has two competitors: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Assassin's Creed 2. Yes thats right, AC2 looks so strong this time 'round that it might be able to topple COD of it's Christmas sales perch, and I hope it does because it's been 2 years in a row now where COD have ruled. Ezio Auditoire Di Firenze, do your work on COD. Something Altair failed at.

  10.  Best game ever created!


    Almost too good now... And now a second one is coming out, we're getting more than what we bargained for, especially with those graphics and that storyline. But back to the first one. The first one was the first PS3 exclusive game to be released to balance the ratio of one game to every one console, which Call Of Duty 4 didn't even do a month before-hand. So this game must have been good, and my God it was! Graphics: best on any console and grinds COD into the dust, probably on the same level as MGS4 as well. Gameplay: very AC-like, all that parkour stuff was fab, this too grinds Lara into the dust. Gamelife: over 20 hours I would say, this again drives alot of one-day games into the... ground (fed up of saying dust). Storyline: okay, fair enough, there's Nazi mutants in this, but combine that with El Dorado and endless puzzles and action, then COD5's NZ looks like petrified wood. Secondary objectives: okay there's no online in this one, but it makes up for that with the replayable factor which involves getting the combat and treasure medals that we all desperately like to show off when we have a few mates 'round, and don't deny it, because we all know everyone loves to show off their 'Crushing' medal. I know I do =)... I am willing to go to the extent to say that this game could be the best on PS3 and in fact... the world. Sucks to be you Xbox owners, this is our diamond! For the price this game cannot be ignored, download the demo and love it. And then buy the second one, because at the time of this review, the second one is 9 days away! Very fresh, very fun, very captivating and very dust... grinding... O_o