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  1.  A good prequal.


    Brilliant all the way through, vehicles and weapons are all nicely designed. Graphics are average, but the texture on some of the surfaces are exquisite. No other alien shooter (apart from R2) will be able to beat this. Very good value for money, nice idea. And something that is finally set in Britain! Scouse accents make the game just that little bit better! Buy!

  2.  Very good.


    A big improvement on the first one, although the first one was brilliant as well. Mass online battles make the game go on forever. Great weapons and lots of different enemies that are brilliantly designed. At £14.50 on PlayTrade, that is an excellent deal, no sweat. Best alien shooter around today.

  3.  Frustrating yet exquisite.


    I haven't even completed this game yet, and I've had it for over a year, it's just that hard, but nonetheless it is a magnificient game with great online and no lag, graphics are fantastic. Best racer on the market at the moment until GT5, PLEASE NOTE that this game is not a sim, so don't expect any engine upgrades or tyre types because this game gets rid of that and replaces it with rage! Lots and lots of road rage!

  4.  Miles better than DiRT or any other rally games!


    Much more fun than DiRT, loads of attitude, really cool music, stunning graphics, not a rally game so if you're expecting annoying time trials, then you are an idiot if you try to find them within this game. Not as good as Pacific Rift simply because this game does notinclude the ram system. Very fun, rent before buying because it isn't a bog-standard rally game. Enjoy!

  5.  Oh for God's sake people! Stop comparing it to HAWX.


    Based on the demo: It was very simple, yet very addictive and fun. The controls are easy to master and very simple to use if you're new to flying games. This game has 3 difficulty levels, arcade is for the people who actually don't want to see the simulation side of this game, and therefore the stall is turned off (thank god). Realistic is the difficulty where you spend 5% of the time shooting down planes, and spending 95% of the time stalling, because it's so damn hard to get out of a spin. Simulation is roughly the same as realistic. The damage system allows you to take heavy damage and let you see the wounds (bullet holes), and it's also very fun to see if you can shoot both wings of an enemy fighter (possible). But I keep hearing people compare it to HAWX, and I just don't know why, because HAWX has all that fiddly modern nonsense which distracts you from realising that your actually playing a video game, not an encyclopedia. But these games are in different time-zones with different technology, so it would be a fool's errand to try and compare them. The graphics in this game are the best I've ever seen in a flying game, and the settings are very detailed. Very good game, would recommend people to download the demo before buying just in case you like playing encyclopedias. Worth buying for the price, very fresh, very simple, very good game.

  6.  Crack! Oh sorry, I just had to fix my finger...


    Not bad at all, slow, repetitive, but not bad at all. Okay, it's repititive and wherever you go it'll take two days for you to reach it (exaggeration), and yes you get attacked every ten feet. But it's not bad at all.

  7.  Buggy, glitchy and totally infuriating! ...but brilliant!


    This game is not pixel-perfect. But it is the only RPG for the people who don't take it too far and go cosplay with it. This is a multi-person shooter with great (slightly square-ish) graphics which would most certainly appeal to Resident Evil fans and the fans of Oblivion. And like I said, unlike Final Fantasy (eugh), it doesn't have an army of Japanese nut-jobs who take it too far, and for that reason alone, this game is cool. Right okay, let's get a bit more serious shall we? The graphics are only good in 3rd person, because it gives a sense of scale around you, in 1st person it just looks pixel-y. The storyline is just a load of missions strung together to help with the overall mission of finding your papa, kinda like Mercs 2. The weapons are immense, exciting, customisable, big, small, flame-flinging, teddy-chucking tools of fun. If the missions get boring, take an afternoon off and go exploring or looting, or even try to hunt some Yao Guai. Yeah I know, but imagine black bears with shiny spines... You see? Scary right? The gameplay is over 100 hours but you spend longer than that just by looting for ammo and stuff, so this ain't no one-dayer. In my first few hours of gaming this game does seem pathetic, but it'll grow on you and then you'll be completely addicted, then nothing else will matter. I would be happy to spend 60 quid on this, that's how good it is. And put all your money into lock-picking skills, kill everyone in Megaton, loot all of it, including the armoury. Then go to Tenpenny tower and blow Megaton up. It's a much better choice... Trust me. And hey, who needs a weird shop owner when you've got your own butler?

  8.  Best WW2 game ever!


    I loved the first COD because it took me back to the days when Medal of Honour ruled the roost, those were my childhood FPS games. And this game is COD mixed with a bit of KILLZONE 2 (gory stuff) and a bit of MOH (good storyline) therefore making this game very good. Now as I mentioned, this game is rather gory, legs and hands will fly off if you place a grenade right. It's much more violent than Modern Warfare. The graphics are about the same as COD4, but i think the explosions and the fire look more realistic in this one. The storyline is good because it follows two soldiers' stories throughout WW2 just like in COD4, which lets us play as the Russians and the Americans. The weapons are very good looking and the gameplay makes the enemies really smart especially when they ambush you. The hand-to-hand combat in this game has taken a step up from COD3, with the additions of bayonets and knives, the stabbing and slicing really fits the Japanese close-quarters stuff they really did in WW2. So is it a tall order to say that this game is better than COD4? I think it may be... Just get it... You will not regret it!

  9.  not a huge fan of the series


    im not a massive fan of the resi series but this is just an amazing game, i like scary stuff, and if you're playing this in a room thats completely blacked out. then you are in for a freaky surprise. Its scary, but it lacks fear (they're different in a way)... all in all its a great game with stupendous graphics and a top-notch cast and storyline. get it even if you're not a resi fan....

  10.  Wow!


    I have a PS3 and a Wii but I still can't get enough of this game. You'd think I would be tied up in COD5 or God of war but you're wrong because its sooooo addictive, I love this game. Just get it!