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  1.  Long cutscenes explained...


    The amount of reviews I have read about people complaining about how many cutscenes there are is beginning to annoy me. First off, the MGS series has been going for a long time now and has captivated gamers ever since Hideo Kojima's first MGS game. The story is meant to be more like a film that a game plot. I believe people don't understand why the cutscenes are so long... Well fear not, because the answer is everywhere. This game was meant to act as a fitting end to Snake... An epilogue. And to make this 'end' Konami had to put in something a little extra.... Like emotion. They wanted us to witness Snake's last battle in detail, which we don't get when we're actually playing the game. But within the cutscenes they had to fit everything that is needed to explain the his last moments. Basically it acts as an interactive film... So I don't want to hear anymore whining about this because you know now... And if you do whine, I hope you understand that you are disrespecting the greatest game series ever created....

  2.  Why do people compare?


    Let me start with a briefing, the first Killzone game was a big hit for the PS2, coming out in the top PS2 FPS's. But Killzone 2 on the PS3 has many challengers, like COD4-5, Battlefield Bad Company and many other first person shooters. So you can imagine how hard it will be for Killzone 2 to climb all the way to the top, but to be honest in my opinion it did. Lets start with the graphics, stunning, although a vast amount of the scenery in the game is grey, it is brought to life with incredible detail and amazing explosions etc. The gameplay is beyond anything I've ever seen, with incredible vehicles and stunning AI the enemy can easily get the better of you, smarter than any COD soldier the Helghast are the best enemy by a long shot. Moving swiftly onto the storyline, it's the best since MGS4, and I mean it, not only does it capture the essence of brutal war (unlike COD4's bad attempt on the Gulf War), with this game it does show the blood spill and the limbs fly off. But unlike any other FPS storyline it has depth and emotion, well thought out cut-scenes will leave you hanging off the edge of your seat, I tell ya, I thought I was in the cinema. But this part of the review you might find strange, the Helghast show real pain, as you shoot them you can hear their muffled screams of pain through their respirators, and to be honest I feel kinda sorry for them, but more to the point if you've just bought a PS3 this is the FPS to start with.

  3.  Mercs 2


    I love this game but I'm struggling on getting the trophies for the online parts if anyone wants to help me with this problem I would greatly appreciate it, add me if you want to help, I'm on: altair14
    Please help me get everything to get on this game so I can move on and play something like Warhawk, because I'm getting bored of Mercs at the moment!

  4.  based on demo


    I only downloaded the demo a few weeks ago and I can't believe why I didn't buy it in the first place, its just so good and well made, the flying is great and the ground combat is just fun and addictive. I am thinking of getting this game and would really appreciate some help with getting to know it know, I'm usually a little slow to get to grips with good online games.So anyone who just wants to teach me the main things of this wonderful game please add me on: altair14 I really like this game and want to get the most out of it before all the big online games come out, like Killzone 2 and resistance, thanks if anyone considers helping me!

  5.  Awesome.


    Well, what can I say, amazing all the way through, one thing that annoyed me was the constant crashing and glitching, especially at the very end of the game when you complete it, except you can't really complete it due to the error but if any of you PS3 fans know how to avoid this irritating error add me and talk to me. My online name: altair14

  6.  Amazing!!!!


    At first I thought it would be another first person shooter that bores you senseless (apart from COD 4), but there is so much fun involved like hunting dinosaurs and exploding helicopters. There are a few things that annoy me though like on some levels its impossible to see and that you have to tweak the TV brightness to get a glimpse of your target, but nevertheless it gives a sense of realism. Its like King Kong but with attitude, but overall if your looking for a good plot and good adventure, well, this is right up your alley.

  7.  Picoo z Micro Helicopter


    I bought this for my son this christmas (not the pink one)
    and it has been great fun and good value for money.
    Would definitely get another one.