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  1.  Good Film but VERY Bad Star Trek


    As a Film in and of its self this is a good even great film. The acting is good to great with ZQ being as good as I hoped he would be as spock. Karl Urban great as Bones. I was'nt to sure if chris pine would be any good as Kirk as he had some HUGE boots to fill but he does very well. The rest of the cast are good as well. The SFX are very good too.

    SO why am I only giveing this 1 star. Because as a Star Trek Film its THE WORST one ever. As anyone who is any kind of fan of star trek will tell you IF you change the past as they have done you change the future. There are no such things are alt time lines in ST. So in this film they have wiped out the past 40 odd years of trek as we know it. IE Everything thats ever happened in The original series, TNG, DS9, Voyager and all the 10 films has not and now never will happen. Thats not a reboot thats a total reformat.

    I wonder which franchise they will reformat next now they have runined both James Bond and Star Trek.

  2.  Joint Best Graphic Novel/Comic book Film EVER


    I hear about the GN back it first came out and wonder what all the fuss was about, but I never got around to reading it. I was'nt sure if this would be any good as it was directed by the same guy who did 300. But it was to put it simply AWESOME.

    Thankfully I knew better then to assume it was going to be your avarge super hero movie. As it turned out to be SO much better. The acting ranges from good enough (Malin Akerman/silk specter II) to give that guy an oscar NOW (Jackie Earle Haley/ Rorschach) Jeffrey Dean Morgan was also outstanding. I must also mention the amazeing score/music in the film. I thought it fitted in perfectly. I was very supprised to find out this was 2.5 hours long when i got home as it did'nt feel like it at all.

    Anyone who found this boreing or is distracted by Dr manhatten nudity has a bad case of ADD or is 12.

    PS the other best Best Graphic Novel/Comic book Film EVER was V for Vendetta, Both of these are VASTLY better then the dark snooze could ever hope to be.

  3.  Over hyped Over rated and BOREING


    After all the hype about this movie. I went expecting to see "the best move ever" and what i got was a avarage movie at best. Ledger was not that good. Jack was a much better joker. Eckheart was much better in this. Towards the end i found my self being very bored. However the last scene between batman and two face was very good indeed, its a shame the rest of the movie was'nt as good.

    I'm sure all the tdk fanboys will not agree and vote this is not helpfull but you need to ignore them as anyone who thinks this is the "best move ever" is clearly delusional.

  4.  Worst "bond" film EVER


    I really don't get what all the fuss is about. Why all the five star rateings for the worst "bond" film ever. In fact I would'nt even call this a bond film as it had NOTHING in common with any of the others except the name of the main character. Eveything that made a bond film, A BOND film has been removed and all thats left is a BOREING and badly acted action film thats not worth watching. This was SO boreing it was only the second film I've ever walked out of. Do you self a favour and watch ANY other bond film. The only reason this gets 1 star is I can't select 0 stars.

  5.  Nice Graphics shame about the game


    The first thing you notice is how VERY nice this game looks but then you quickly discover that thats ALL this game really has. Because the game is basicly the same as the original cnc from all most 10 years ago. The units are pretty much the same and there is STILL nothing that can be done about tank rushes. I was hopeing for a step up from generals not several steps down.

    Now if your a massive cnc fan this might be ok but in this day and age when there are rts's that are SO much better out there. Its a shame EA did'nt give us something more instead of this very old game with a new coat of paint. Add to this the game for me anyway, locked up my pc so I had to hardware reboot every 20 mins or so and the multiplayer did not and as far as I know still does'nt work propley. You get lots of annoyed and disserpointed people. Avoid this and get Supreme Commander its SO much better.