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  1. 187


    Region 1 DVD

    Available  used  from  £11.99

     Glued to the TV


    When I saw this my expectations weren't to high, I thought it has Samuel L Jackson in it so it must be alright. From this style of film it must be one of the best, it's right up there with Coach Carter.

    The film is about a teacher (Jackson) that was a victim to an attempted murder by a student from his class. He had his suspicions that the incident would take place because in the pupils book the number '187' was written, which apparently is the code for homicide in America. Any way you are then taken 15 months down the line where he is a substitute teacher and is given a class of bad mannered youths. This time though the teacher does not take any situation lightly and does not rely on the law to educate the young gangsters.

    Great acting as you'd expect from Samuel L Jackson and a good storyline to follow, I could not take my eyes from the television.

    Buy it and you won't regret it.

  2.  Good Film


    This film definitely hits the mark with all the natural elements and what have you.

    The film starts with Bill Paxton a retired storm chaser now new weather man searching for his ex (Helen Hunt) to sign divorce papers. It ends up that the flame is reignited with the passion he has for the storms and he follows the group to watch his design 'Dorothy' in action. 'Dorothy' is a scientific piece of equipment that releases sensors into the tornado, apparently it will enable people to forecast tornado's better which leads to a better warning system for the twisters. The only trouble is in order to get 'dorothy' to work they need to place the machine within the path of the tornado.

    You see some really cool tornado's in this film and the one in the end apparently is a mile wide!!! No way these things exist if they do then that would be an amazing storm to watch. There is decent acting in the film, Helen Hunt starts off shaky if you ask me but brings it back towards the end.

    At £3.99 how can you say no, give it a shot you'll enjoy it.

  3.  Legendary


    I was about 11 years old when I first saw this film, I loved it back then and I still love it now. This film gives the same effect to you as what all these modern CGI films do, this shows that it's not the graphics that make the film.

    The film is about man eating worms that live underground, the discovery of the worms are made by two local handymen Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward. Their task after the discovery is to rescue everybody and get them to safety, but the task is made harder when the worms get smarter and learn their moves.

    The film is great Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward work well together. One part of the film that makes me laugh and is typical 80's is when one of the worms are killed they do a shot of everyone individually celebrating, cheesy but I love it.

    At £3.99 this is a bargain and should not be missed, great film to put in the machine when you don't have a clue what you wanna watch.

  4.  Great movie for any collection


    Top movie with great action and fighting scenes throughout. The storyline maybe far fetched but the film pulls it off very well.

    The film starts by telling the story about a bad guy and a cop and their battle against each other. Once the bad guy Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage) has been caught and in the process put in a comma, the police find out that he has planted a bomb somewhere in the city. Super cop Sean Archer (John Travolta) then goes ahead with surgery to remove Troy's face and implant it on his body to fool Castor Troy's brother into telling him where the bomb is hidden. But while Sean Archer is doing his bit Castor Troy awakens from his comma and steals Archer's face. Sean Archer must then fight Castor Troy not only to keep a bad guy off the streets but to also reclaim his identity.

    The film has plenty of action with a great bad boy image from Cage and a top cop role by Travolta. They just don't make films like this anymore, where movies are made solely for the action and fighting, very 90's.

    As I said at the beginning this is a must for any dvd collector, it is the pinnacle of 90's action films.

  5.  Good Storyline


    I like the idea of this film where you get a handful of pushovers that decide to act against those that make their lives difficult. The only problem was the directing, the director somehow made the storyline less of an issue (hard to describe).

    Any way the film points out that Britain has changed so that drug dealers, paedophiles and so on have the upper hand. But Sean Bean decides to create a gang that retaliate to the evil people within our community. All the people that participate the group have had past experiences where the law has failed them but have no backbone to do anything about it, till now. From there the film takes you through their missions of attempting to make things right.

    There was high potential for this film, I mean it wasn't bad but it was held back a bit. I don't like admitting it but I think if Hollywood would have done this movie it would probably of been better.

    It's a decent film worth a watch but I'd wait till it is like 2.99 before buying it.

  6.  Classic Adam Sandler


    One of my favorites from Adam Sandler, I watched this when I was younger (much younger) and I can remember laughing my head off. I watched it again recently and thought it wouldn't be as funny because of the age immaturity thing, but I was pleasantly surprised, it was as funny if not funnier than what I remembered it.

    The film is about 2 guys Adam Sandler and Damon Wayans which start out as partners in crime or so does Sandler think they are. It turns out that Wayans is an undercover cop trying to gain information on people higher up the chain from Sandler. When Sandler finds this out he is just about to go to jail, but later he strikes a deal with the police and requests that Wayans be the officer in charge. From then on the story really begins and is filled with numerous hilarious scenes.

    Great acting from a classic Adam Sandler in his crazy days and Damon Wayans which is not a highly recognized actor but plays a great part.

    It's one of those dvd's that you can recall on when you're bored and it will do the job in keeping you entertained. Buy it and you won't regret it.

  7.  Classic Adam Sandler


    What I like about this film is that it's from the classic Adam Sandler era where I think he was a bit more crazy and nuts.

    The film is about the devil's sons wanting to take his realm and become the new devil, well 2 of them want it any way. Nicky (Adam Sandler) is not the most confident of people and is scared of taking on such responsibility, so when their father the devil decides he will rule hell for the next 10,000 years Nicky is over the moon, but his two brothers are far from happy. The two brothers then decide to try and create their own hell on earth but their departure from the real hell means that their father will start to deteriorate, it is now up to Nicky to save his father and bring the two brothers back.

    Even though my description of the film doesn't make it sound that simple but in truth it is an easy watching film with plenty of moments to make you laugh. The acting is not of the best caliber from the cast but considering it is one of their early films then this can be excused.

    I haven't purchased the film yet I have only watched it on tv but once I have written this I will be ordering it right away, I suggest others do the same.

  8.  I got what I expected


    When I first saw the previews for this I thought to myself 'I just gotta watch this film, it looks very funny', and I got what I expected. Once a film sets a high plateau for itself the trend is that it will bomb but Superbad was the opposite.

    The film is about two guys that have no luck with the girls but suddenly two girls share an interest in them and invite them to a party and hold them responsible for organizing the booze. This is where you meet Fogel (McLovin) which has the fake ID to carry out the plan. What happens then is tales of how they began the night to how they finished it. You also meet some really cool police officers, I only wish they were all like that, they would have my respect then.

    If you're a fan of Knocked Up, 40 Year Old Virgin and the rest of em then you will enjoy this film. Excellent storyline, good acting and some hilarious comedy.

    Buy it, watch it and watch it again it gets funnier each time.

  9.  Not bad


    It wasn't as funny as I thought it was going to be but when I think about it this sort of humor is not my style. Don't get me wrong i was laughing at times but my overall feeling was unsatisfied.

    I like the storyline, guy dumps his girl but now wants her back so he runs a race to prove he has what it takes. Sort of a film you'd sit down with the missus to watch, the romancey stuff for her and the comedy for her and you.

    Probably not one of my best reviews but my advice is that you borrow it first before you buy.

  10.  Great Film


    I saw this film quite some time ago and forgot about it until recently when I watched it again. The film is about a group of terrorists that hijack a plane which has a bomb on board, for the terrorists the aim is to fly to Washington and cause as much destruction as possible. They have one problem, Kurt Russel and his crew have got onto the plane to do their bit.

    Kurt Russell is great, he starts off with no experience or confidence but ends up as the mastermind to the attack, I think he manages to kill a person and land a 747, typical really but it works. Steven Segal also has a role as a man in uniform that doesn't think Russel is up for the task but he gets what's coming to him.

    The terrorists make you feel angry, I'm pretty sure I did not think the way I do know about the film as I did over ten years ago, I'm sure 9/11 has something to do with that. The director has captured the terrorist image very well and I think has done a very good job on making the audience hate them.

    Any way buy the film it still feels modern it has not lost time at all.