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  1.  Robotic, frustrating and plain boring


    Ok I know the full time gamers and "hard core" fans will disagree in force but this game is just robotic. Keep passing to death while the AI does not make space for the man in possession. On the other hand, your opponents are perfect in tackling, sprinting, positioning etc and frankly it's too much effort playing teams like Bournemouth in the capital one cup when you're Man United. (world class level)
    In a nutshell:
    - Not really a passing build up game, more like lofted through ball or hit on the break
    - AI defenders are generally as quick as the best wingers in the game.
    - Defending is rubbish, tried jockeying and containing.
    - The opposition packs their penaly area and when they hoof the ball upfield there are always 2/3 players goal hanging.
    - Too much effort to score the same type of goals *hence robotic)
    - errmmmm, aint this just a videogame thats supposed to be challenging but a wee bit fun too???

    This is just my opinion but if you disagree, each to their own.

    In general, this is like watching Italian football with two teams of an average age of 40 each.

  2.  No fun


    I agree with someone earlier on the thread in the sense that this game feels like a Sunday afternoon Italian football match, boring, overly defensive and you spend 80 mins chasing the ball like a headless chicken.
    In addition:
    Why can any old AI controlled team pass and defend like a world class team?
    The AI can hold onto the ball forever because tackling is silly and players run towards their goal before passing square to the centre half
    EA have killed the fun in the game ( I know self proclaimed tacticians and fulltime online gamers will disagree)

    I'll give it another week.

  3.  No fun on pro level and above


    I know all hardcore to the FIFA gamers who have time for this title will instantly disagree but here's what i can't stomach about this game...
    1. Rubbish movement by the other team members not on the ball, always perfectly marked and too infield.

    2. Why is it that everytime the AI lofts a nothing ball upfield it always goes to their player?

    3. Even teams like Peterboro can play like Barcelona.. get real,

    4. semi pro = too easy and professional = plain stupid

    Like fight night champion and the isaac frost fight, EA are in a habit of killing the fun in video games.

    35.99 used like new to be listed if anyone interested???

  4.  poor


    Why could this game not have had the playability of SVR 2011? the controls are labourious and the Wrestlers look beefed up.. poor gameplay, presentation and the titantrons don't play fully..... AND where's Koko B'Ware? just messing

  5. FIFA 11

    FIFA 11


    8 New from  £4.46  Free delivery

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     poor - frustrating


    In a nutshell, frustrating at the best of times -
    - over dogged defenders even when Real Madrid are up against Gillingham... end of realism
    - Too much effort for one silly pass and you still end up playing it to a player marked by 3 defenders as opposed to the winger in space.
    - both the above even on the normal level.

    I can understand challenging, but this borders on the AI predicting every possible pass / attack.

    PRO EVO takes the crown by a whisker this year.

  6.  Amazing


    This game is the reason I bought a PS3 and I'm glad i did. Awesome graphics and fluid gameplay. I usually play then sell games but NOT this one. 11/10

  7.  Great game!!


    Contrary to my earlier thoughts, i've since played this a lot more and it's a quality title. The gameplay gives this an authentic feel and you really have to work for a pin or submission in any match. The best part of the game though has to be the "create a wrestler" mode and the fact that there is now a wrestlemania storyline for a created wrestler has further enhanced the franchise.
    One minor flaw, if you see it that way? is the ommission of the general manager mode. Worth the money though.

  8.  The priest


    Is it me, or does anyone else think that the priest was a spoof of Robert De Niro??? or atleast trying to immitate him?

    Without digressing, the film was average. Worth a watch though.

  9.  Awesome


    This game is awesome both conceptually and in terms of execution. I've got a lot of time for games that are well developed and thought out and this is one of those.. Great stuff

  10.  promising


    I started playing this yesterday, controls are simple, the storyline looks good thus far and the graphics are good. Ofcourse the real gem here is the bottle opener.