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    I have the ps3 and with the VERY short time i had with the demo i thought the game was top drawer. I managed to play 2 online multiplayer matches and the movement was fluid, graphics were on par with any big name FPS.

    The motion on each player was smooth and calculated. I loved the super jump and slide aditions.

    I can not wait for this game to arrive tomorow so i can sell Black ops. Was good to begin with but with so many campers and what i beleive hackers and lag switchers i can wait to get on to a new type of game. Hopefully they will stick to call of duty and decent gamers will play crysis.

    I will complete the single player missions before trying the multi player online due to the connection problems reported 5 days before the launch. I have no doubt that the staff at crytek will have this issue sorted by launch day.

  2.  Really good sound for nowt!!!


    Please dont listen to the numpty below the guy below me. The guy below me is right, WHY WOULD YOU EVEN BUY THIS IF YOU GOT A BOSE TO HOOK UP TO!!! I guess you just cant educate some people.

    The sound quallity is really good, quick and easy to set up. no need to fiddle with bass and trebble, its set at optimum level and sound fine.

    I only give 4 stars because of 1 tiny problem. Someone said this before. The 3.5mm wire from speaker to speaker could be a tad longer, maybe 1meter and then it would have had 5****.

  3.  Quallity racer...


    I saw a few people do not like this game and think GRID is better.... UH NUH!

    This game is fun for anyone who likes to race and have fun. The cars a quallity, nicely made and drive like they are supposed to. Online makes it even better and adds LASTABILITY.....

    I loved this game and with the new add ons and social club licence to complete, i will be playing for a while yet....

    ...i just cant seem to get the roof down on the Gallado.

  4.  Funny piece


    I dont understand why these women are complaining. Its a toy for fun....

    'if it actually worked'.....

    I had the 'Controll the woman' remote for xmas and got my partner this one. Its just for laughs.

  5.  Bond is back?


    The single player game is excellent so far, i think i am about 1/2 way through. Graphics are second to none, cut scenes are awesome, even the actual actoras and actress' voices have been used. Nice selection of guns and tricks up Bonds sleeves to keep you entertained.

    Most games that are HD or Bluray will be short because of the massive ammount of graphics used there dosent leave alot of space for a lenghtly game.

    Multi player isnt as good as COD but does offer more of a challenge with points needed to purchase guns and silencers scopes. ect. Graphics on other players leave alot to be desired and some of the multiplayer levels are from Goldeneye.

    All round a good game with limited lastability with online play.

    My opinion.... If it was a choice between COD5 and Bond....

    Buy Call Of Duty.