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  1.  Sell all your games you will not want to play anything else


    Notch all your 5 star games down to one star - this is a new standard; superb ; the best game I have played, ever. I thought Oblivion was good but this is a masterpiece. I am lost for words. Makes every other game look like a rip off.

  2.  Same old game


    Oh dear, just bought this expecting it to blow every other racing game away... Five years in the making and its more or less the same old game they've been making since GT1. Still have to play the game for about twenty hours before you can afford anything that is actually fun to drive. Since when was driving a Demio fun for heavens sake? Handling is dreadful and feels nothing like driving (since when did a car ever fishtail ten times!!!) , AI is appalling, other cars drive around as if on rails or connected by an invisible rope. Same old tracks. What have they been doing for five years!!!! Things have moved on and this feels like every previous version.
    Online mode: no ranking structure or anything earned; whats the point? Damage is a joke.
    The game is simply boring, the best thing I can say is that the cars are very shiny and thats it; I will never buy another Turismo game. Save your money and stick with F1 2010, three year old Grid beats the pants off this. Codemasters rule. Please Codies make Grid 2 and a motorcycle game soon, thanks.

  3.  The best


    This is quite simply the best racing game on any console, ever. On and offline it is competitive, difficult and realistic.
    I have a request to Codemasters to please make a motorcycle racing game for the PS3. I have played and bought both other 'offerings' and sold them in disgust. I have had this game since it came out and still totally addicted. Excellence. Please make another soon.

  4.  Bioshock 2


    Can't understand the mixed reviews on this one- I find the game absolutely terrific and immensely enjoyable. If you've played it in 10 hours try cranking up the difficulty and exploring a bit!!! Better than original. Excellent game.

  5.  Saboteur


    I have been playing this for about 10 hours now and am totally hooked. Loads to do, better than GTA and not nearly as annoying. Checkpoints everywhere. This is great fun. Give it a couple of hours to grow on you and you'll not put it down. Best game I've played for ages.

  6.  SBK 08


    Do not be fooled by the above video the game is nothing like as slick. When I received my PS3 version I at first thought it was a pS2 version in a PS3 box. The graphics and frame rate are little better than an original PS1 title. Where to begin? You can spend hours messing about in free practice 1, 2, qualifying, superpole, setting up the bike... Even if you don't bother with any of the above and go straight into the race (which still involves skipping the above, a 1 minute loading time for every session) and start last the other bikes are so crap you are in the lead by thye first corner on acceleration alone.
    Online is even worse with regard to frame rate, there is no ranking system or race series its just one race at a time.
    Graphics and game play on PS2 titles such as Tourist Trophy, Riding Challenge and TT Superbikes are far better.
    If you want a class racer with exciting online play buy grid. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for MotoGP.