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  1.  No substance


    Admittedly i've only had a glance at this but there is very little in here, what you need is a guide on ICC but it's not in here and as for the dungeon strategy guide, it tell you nothing about any bosses, debuffs or how to over come them.

  2.  Not long now!


    This may be a bit premature as in truth i've only heard a handful of tracks, but what I've heard i've loved. Co&Ca fans know what they'll be getting but anyone that hasn't heard much should give this a listen. I found the first albums a little hard to get into at first as Claudio has a unique voice and the music was nothing like what i'd before but this is an album you can turn the volume up to and instantly rock out! Can't wait to see them in June.

  3.  Nom nom nom


    I loved the first L4D and L4D2 is even better, more special infected, more weapons, more maps, more game modes. This is internet multiplayer gold. I have so much fun playing into the early hours of the morning so if you need your beauty sleep, this might not be the game for you!

  4.  Save your money


    I read some early reviews which were really positive so took a chance and bought this but now regret it. I have mainly played as the predator and got bored within a few hours. You basically have 2 strategies for combat - either you jump down at an isolated marine and instant kill him or if your fighting aliens then stealth is pointless and i found the best way is to stand still, block the initial attack then light attack back, hardly gripping gameplay. You cant seem to attack multiple marines as theyll shoot you done in seconds and aliens attack in groups and are so fast that I easily lose sight of where they are, hence i stand still. The only fun attack is the instant kill but this is useless against more than one foe as it takes while to complete, in which time youre being gunned down or mauled and can do nothing about it. Maybe as the game developes and new items become availible your options will vary but I really can't be bothered to find out. As for the Alien, my experience is limited but I find it hard to maintain my orientation and control. Like the predator, killing everthing in the same way becomes tedious very quickly. Lastly the marine, which is my favourite. The motion sensor really adds to the tension but there are so many fps solider games out there that are better. There are some things that i liked for instance all the sounds from the films that you would expect to hear have been included, but that does not make a great game unfortunately.

  5.  Avatar-ific!!!


    I wasn't particularly looking forward to this film as i tend to dislike films that have so much CGI but i have to admit that i loved this. Obviously there vast majority of this film utilises CGI but the thing is that it's so good, you don't separate the CGI from what's not.

  6.  Frustrating


    This was one of those experiences when you feel that a great oppotunity was missed. I was very excited at the endless routes that could have been taken with this film but I watched with a bemused look on my face. I don't recall their names but there is a comedy duo that unfortunately does to this film what Jar Jar Binks did to phantom menace, though not quite to the same extent. Im not sure if big bangs and big robots is enough to warrant 3 stars but i guess that's what you will want to pay for. Very very average.

  7.  I love prawns!!


    It's great to know that there are still people out there that can make great movies without a huge budget and big name actors! I was really excited about this and was not disappointed. The stale formula of modern alien sci-fi has been thrown away and we have a fresh approach. At first, the documentary style footage worried me that we might have another Cloverfield but any apprehension was soon put to rest. To the people worried about watching documentary style camera work, (I know this can make some people feel naucious) the majority of the film is the regular format and what they have used is carefully done - so you can eat your lunch before viewing. The best film i've seen this year.

  8.  All Hype :/


    Terrible acting, unlikeable characters, predictable. Yes the wobbly camera did make me feel queazy at times. Not an enjoyable experience.

  9.  I love COX


    If u ask me what genre of film i hate the most it would be spoof, but this film is awesome. Very funny from start to finish.

  10.  A MUST HAVE


    CO&CA's best release so far. The Running Free is probably the weakest track which gives u an idea how good this really is.