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  1.  Brilliant Game


    Really good, exciting campaign, and original multiplayer game play.
    If the only war based fps game you're used to playing is Call of Duty, then this makes a refreshing change in both single and multiplayer. The campaign far surpasses cod in my opinion and the online mp is more realistic and less arcadey. It's all based on teamwork and acting as a unit with the rest of your squad, rather than running about like a headless chicken quick scoping everyone.
    Only reason I've given it four stars is because it is just a war based fps, and I've started growing tired of playing them in general, but buy this, I'm certain you'll love it.

  2.  Exceptional


    First time I saw this film I was blown away. Everything about it is outstanding, and I've got to agree with MrClew's review in that it certainly oozes coolness.
    For those of you who know nothing about the film then the twist at the end is brilliant.
    No review can do this movie justice.
    Own it.

  3.  Couldn't have done a better job


    I didn't know what to expect buying a batman game, as I didn't really look into it before I bought it, but it's brilliant. It surpasses every expectation I had.
    The gamplay is exceptional and the story line is really well thought out.
    A must buy for under a tenner.

  4.  Prefered it to the first one


    I've heard some, what I feel, are really harsh reviews of this game, and a lot of people saying it's not as good as the first one, but I wasn't blown away by the first one, I mean it was a one of a kind when it came out and an amazing idea with great graphics, but I started getting really bored and forced myself to finish it.
    Bioshock 2, however, was an improvement in my opinion. The fact that you're playing as a big daddy is the first noteable difference that added to the sequel, and the addition of the big sister and you having control of the little sisters, along with the new twists added to the plasmids all added up to creating a very good, extremely enjoyable game that kept me interested.
    The online multiplayer is decent as well.

  5.  Immense


    I can't speak highly enough of this game. it's an immensely engaging, brutal, gore filled, insanely scary third person shooter that's unlike anything out there.
    You don't know what's going to be lurking around the next corner throughout. It just keeps you hooked and at nerve's end from the very start.
    Go out and buy it before number 2 comes out, and when it does, go get that as well.

  6.  They do the job and sound decent enough


    I bought these headphones, as a few years back I had some similar ones that hooked around the ear and they were the best low-cost headphones I'd ever had, and for the purpose of staying in your ear these are just as good; they just don't fall out.
    The sound quality is pretty average, but they're almost the cheapest Skullcandy earphones available, so I didn't expect anything amazing. I can still hear what I'm listening to with clarity and they don't fall out of my ears. Ideal!

  7.  Deffinately worth buying for this price


    This film is deffinately worth seeing if you're into zombie movies. It's dark and gorey, though lacks consistancy, as the so called 'zombies' seem to appear and dissapear as they please, more like ghosts.
    That said, I've watched this film numerous times and have never got bored, so for this price I'd deffinately get it bought.
    A bargain for any horror fan.

  8.  Better than the last one, but...


    This album is certainly much better than How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb, but after a few listens I can see that its simply not as good as anything prior to POP. Its got no classics on it, nothing that stands out.
    That said, I feel that its more consistant than their previous two records. Each track is decent and there isn't a bad song to be found, where as in their last two outings, the band seemed to just write four or five singles that were good, but the rest was rubbish.
    A decent album, but one that makes it clear that they're never going to write anything as important as their work up to the early 90's.

  9.  Brilliant performance. Great mix of songs.


    The live performance on this DVD is brilliant, and I'd expect nothing less of Thrice. Four brilliant musicians at the top of their game.

    The mix of songs is good as well, plenty of tracks from The Artist In The Ambulance and Vheissu mixed in with a bunch of Alchemy Index tracks, although they only play two songs from The Illusion Of Safety which is a bit of a let down.

    This is a must have for all Thrice fans!

  10.  pure class


    If you don't have this game you've gotta get it, its incredible.
    The gameplay is fantastic and the graphics are quality. I haven't played it online so I can't say about that, but I've completed the campaign on both single player and multiplayer mode offline and can't fault it.