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  1.  Something a bit different, highlt refreshing


    The adaptation of the 40k universe is stagering.

    Make no judgement about the gameplay, from my preference for 1st person shooters and strategy titles, this 3rd person game is an excellent title to have in my collection for some quick, dirty excitement. Hack and slash has never been so rewarding and varied. Choose to stand and shoot, malee to your hearts content or mix it up with your far from usless digital brothers of war.

    Yes i agree exploring the world is linear, but I get the feeling this is but a shortcoming of having a story mode. Future expansions/versions will do doubt increase the popularity and expansive capabilities of the combat environment.

    This title has lived upto and beyond my expectation and I am thoroughly enjoying the combat challenges and the jump packs with power axe are simply glorious battle weapons to have fun with.

    Just get it, have some fun and enjoy some variety from the other titles out there. It is well worth the time to get to know this game and master the space marines.

  2.  School Report


    The small box is quintessential apple. Simple, sleek and annoyingly beautiful. It is a given that the tv box will never be quite the same again after you open it, attracting finger prints, dust, scratches and pretty much any other worldly product of living, to attach itself to your new purchase. It is however quite in keeping with the modern home theatre setups present in many homes.
    After a month of use, I found the product both a great addition and also frustratingly limited.
    The addition of iOS 4.3 has been a great improvement, being able to push media from your iphone to you desired large screen is effortless and reveals some rewarding additional interaction with your TV.
    However, apple is capable of so much more. Streaming is an ever increasing technology people are wanting in their home, and this product does not lend itself well. BBC iPlayer is available on several platforms, but there appears to be no future upgrade to incorporate this. I also run a pogoplug, but the uPnP network cannot be accessed, leaving me to have to transport data from my NAS drive, over the network to an iTunes enabled PC and then over airplay to the apple tv.
    This is not only frustrating but unnecessary. The device can be hacked to install the boxxee program and run uPnP and access both iPlayer and NAS drives. Why has apple not taken advantage of this piece of equipment, I am yet to understand.
    And in a recent addition I can now have access to a baseball channel. In the UK we are well aware of the illusions of American sport being slow, overly complicated and boring. So why have they launched this service to me? I enjoy choice, but this device does not allow me to choose apps and I don't see any future apps being developed that have me excited.
    I have always hated the apple philosophy of control, I relented on purchasing my ipod nano and my iphone 4, but eventually buckled and now own a few products and have been thoroughly pleased. The user interfaces and media experience is very enjoyable. But the apple tv seams like an upgrade/accessory to my products rather than a apple device in itself.
    Until it is allowed to stream content direct from storage without a connected PC or suitable for On Demand TV then this product will just be an occasional push device to watch my youtube videos on the large TV.
    For this reason my opinion of the apple tv has left me wanting more, and not in a good way. The school report would read 'capable of so much more if he was less distracted and could be better supported at home'.