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  1.  Wow


    This is one of the best Star Wars films ever made in my opinion. It is also the darkest and most Violent which suprised me for a Star Wars film. Anyway, the end fight is amazing between Anakin and Obi wan!!! The amount if effort put into this film is exausting just thinking about!!!! This film also has the best CGI effects in any Star Wra films ever made. It is a perfect film for the finishing film in the second Trilogy. Even if you dont like Star Wars, you'd like this one.

  2.  YES!!!!


    First things first, this film is better than the 1st. All the things that were wrong with the 1st one have been patched up in this new one. It has amazing affects better than the 1st. One problem if i may say is that it shows too much of Anakin and Padma's love relationship then is needed. It had awesome battle scenes like when there in the arena on Genesis. If you didnt like the 1st one, i would give Star Wars one more chance with this film.

  3.  ....


    Come on, give it a chance. Ok so it may not be the best but any real Star Wars fan would love it. Im 11 so i didnt share the same enthusiasm as a lot of people when 4,5 and 6 came out but i think this is a good starter to the new trilogy. It has everything a Star Wars film needs, action, a bad guy and most importantly a lightsaber dual. It may not be the best film but it will be a remembered film even if it was because how awful it was for some people, it WILL always be remembered.

    Dont bother saying if you think its a good review or not as it is MY opinion.

  4.  Hellboy


    I watched this film when it first came out (i was about 8) and went to sleep in the cinema. Then it came on telly and my mum persuaded me to watch it so i did. I'm glad i did as it is a very good film with good cgi and some wise cacking jokes. The story line is good and there isn;t tons but there is quite a bit of action in it like where at the end they smash a hammer on his face. It has a very good story line and is easy to understand although maybe one of the films for older children unlike Spiderman.

    I would recommend this for anyone as it is an awesome film

    And dont bother saying if you think its a good review or not because its my opinion

  5.  Still chuckling to myself


    This film is hilarious!!!!! Its one of the best parody's of Star Wars ever made!!!!!!!!! Its just so good. You also dont have to be a family guy fan as some one else has already mentioned. I liked Family Guy then i watched the Stewie files thing and i went of it a bit as i am 11 and it was a bit to heavy on sex stuff. Anyway, i would recommend this to everyone!!!

  6.  Punk not dead!!!!!!!!!


    This album has all the classics on!! My faves are god save the queen, bodies and liar!!! This truley kicks ass! Ok its not to everybodys taste but who gives a damn?! Buy this album it rocks!!!!!

  7.  The 2nd in the series


    This book continues the life of james adams in his cherub career. This book is about cocaine drug dealers who james needs to infiltrate. He has to make freinds with the drug dealers son and eventually arrest them. But it dosent go to plan. Junior, the drug dealers son, asks him if he wants to go to miami with them and james thinks this is a perfect oppertunity to get to know them abit more. I dont want to spoil it but i would reccomend this book to people who enjoyed the 1st one.

  8.  The 1st in the series


    The Series are storys based on James Adam's life as a Cherub recruit. Cherub is a secert spy organization for kids. Yes it does sound incredibly unbleivable but as a matter of fact, its not. Robert Muchamore writes the story as if it is based on true events. The book starts off at school where a girl is teasing james of his mother being fat. James looses his temper and grabs her buy her collor and shuvs her against the wall were a rusty nail cuts her cheek (charming stuff). When james goes home he finds his mother dead. After that he goes to a foster home where he meets a boy called Kyle who is seceritly a Cherub agent looking for a recruit. After that James gets brought to Cherub campus where he has to do a training course. When he completes that he gets sent on a misssion to infiltarte help earth camping site. As i dont want to spoil the whole story i will not say anymore. I would recommend this book to all spy book lovers.

  9.  Best music game there is!!!


    First of all, this is the first guitar hero game i played. My Nan and Grandad bought this for Christmas. As soon asi got it i went to playy it on my PS3. When i opened it i expected it to be a whole guitar not realising i had to build it. It is very simple and i didnt even look at the instructions. So, i plugged it in and started playing. The first song i played was "Beat it" by Michal Jackson. At first i played on begginer not realising that all you have to do was just press the strumming bar down. If i were you and you were new to guitar hero like me, go on easy mode to start off.So after i'd done a few practice go's i decided to go on career. The beauty of career mode is that if you get better and move up a difficuly, you can change the settings without affecting you're career. Also i like the fact that you can make you're own person which is pretty cool. The songs have a wide range to them. Pop songs being Blondie, surviver, Michal Jackson and people like that. Theres also Metal, Rock, Blues ect... it has a really wwide range of songs is what im trying to say. I would reccomend you buy this game.



    As people say this is not really oblivion with guns. I know hat people are saying but in the end, its made by the same company, bethesda. Unlike oblivion, you have karma to deal with. High karma basically means you're good, low karma means you're bad. You loose karma by killing people or blowing up megaton ect.. You gain karma by helping people and de-activating the bomb in megaton ect... Secondly you have v.a.t.s. In v.a.t.s mode you cann choose a body part in which to shoot and you're character will automatically shoot. Also the landscape is completely different. In oblivion as you may know, it's country side and things like that, in fallout 3 its barron wasteland and derelict houses. Back to the actual game now. The main story is about you're dad escaping from vault 101. The overseers guards now come to find you as they have already killed you're fathers freind, jonas. You're onjective after that is to find you're dad. Tip: Instead of going to moriority and getting told to go to galaxy radio station, go to dr. Lee in rivet city. This game does involve alot of violence. You can blast of any body part on a human and even blow there head to bits and there eyes come flying at you which is quite amusing. There is a bit of strong language init just to tell you. I would recommend this game is you enjoy rpg's and oblivion.