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  1.  I'd be lost without this cable!


    I have this cable connected to my pc monitor (19") and the colour + picture is stunning. On my friends 26" TV the picture is also so much better with this cable than the standard cable that comes with the xbox.

    This cable enables HD, even if it is at 720p. You will notice no difference with a HDMI cable or this vga cable in the picture or sound.

    Buy it!!

  2.  The only thing you need to get onto LIVE!


    This piece of kit is absolutely fantastic. Simply plug it into one of your your xbox360's USB ports and go into the wireless settings on the console dashboard. From there, choose your wireless internet router and connect straight to it.. your xbox then remembers the network and will connect wirelessly everytime you turn your console on.

    Range is very good.. have had no lag or any problems with connection so it works perfectly.

    Only downfall is the price.. but you are getting the only item that can connect you wirelessly, and it is official.

  3.  A gem


    Everyone around me was playing one game constantly: COD4.

    I thought it was over-hyped - until I bought it.

    Single player is excellent but where the game really shines is on Xbox Live. There are lots of different online modes and a ranking system (which is casual-friendly).

    A must-buy for anyone who likes shooting games.. but more importantly.. this is a must buy if you have xbox live.

  4.  Brilliant gamepad!


    Just to confirm a few things..

    It's a very nice controller.. the original 360 controller but for windows! Works with xp, vista.

    The controller plugs via USB. It also comes with a disc which installs the drivers for the controller.

    £17.99 is an absolute bargain for this.

  5.  Helps!


    This cd-rom helps you with many different areas! If you are taking your theory or practical test soon... get this! It will help you go a long way (and hopefully pass you the test!)

  6.  Great webcam for the price


    I've had this webcam for just over a year now.

    It's a very simple yet effecient cam. The picture is good and it does the job brilliantly.

    For the price it's at.. if you want a cheap yet cheerful cam, but this one.

    The webcam connects to your computer via USB.

    It comes with software + drivers disk, so if you're comp doesn't automatically detect it once the cam is in, just pop the disk in and install.

  7.  Great stick


    A 4gb stick for this price is just amazing!

    Works brilliantly with xp, vista and 98/ME. It does come with its own firmware, which I see as a little downside, but it doesn't have to be used.

  8.  Excellent


    A great little 2gb flash drive.. and for £10 you cannot go wrong!

    Works with 98/ME, XP + Vista. A must buy at this price.

  9.  4gb for £18? Yes please


    A great piece of kit.. the play.com 4gb usb stick! At £18.. it is an ABSOLUTE bargain. Most 4gb usb sticks are £20+ and come pre-loaded with software, but this doesn't (which is good!).

    A must buy.

  10.  This book changed my life.


    I heard someone mention this book in an interview, so I decided to pop into the local library and pick this book up.

    It is well written and provides many examples on how to beat your fear for everday things.

    Upon picking up this book, I've read it more than three times and even had to buy other books from this author.

    This book changed my life and it can change yours.