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  1.  The trailer was better.


    An "ok" film. Very well polished and crafted. Some interesting ideas. However the plot is FULL of holes and it's hard to get excited about a film that has lots rules for people to follow (50 years in "limbo", if you're not careful), but no bad guys at all. I mean, this film is about some guy, trying to get another guy to split his big company into smaller companies... Wow, I'm gripped... Both my Wife and I shrugged at the end, as ultimately this really is a (granted, very well made) load of old twaddle... The trailer is more exciting.

  2. Humbug


    Arctic Monkeys - CD

    14 New from  £14.37  Free delivery

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     Dull and dreary humbug. Not happy with this.


    I am not happy about this album. Where have the young, lively UK rockers gone? Sat around indoors and got depressed by the credit crunch it seems. If I wanted to listen to a dreary, rambling and instantly forgettable album, I would of picked up Morrissy instead. Not one memorable tune on the whole dull affair. I bought this on download and feel cheated, as now I can't sell it on. If anyone wants my copy for free, they are welcome to it. Humbug? Indeed it is.

  3.  Great film


    Note for scarfacejim reviewer below. T2 was shot on film, not tape (that's why it's called a film!). Super 35 mm film to be precise and 90% of movies today are still shot on film. That's right, most films are not shot on hd tapes, even if they are transfered to hd tape later on for projection or blu ray.

    Good film stock has a far greater resolution and contrast etc than any of todays hd camera's or even your blu ray player. The age of the film will make little difference to picture quality, if the film stock was good and it has been kept well. T2 has been! If there is a problem with the picture quality, it will be down to the company making the blu ray disc.

    Hey, it looks good and sounds great!!! Better that you old dvd eh? Enjoy!

  4.  Fantastic ending to a great series!


    A great conclusion to the series that will not disappoint any fans. All loose ends are brilliantly tied up, a rare thing in along running television shows these days.

    You really only need to wait for the giant box set, if you want to spend loads of money on a giant box set. However, if you have buying these seasons each year when they are released (as I have) then you will certainly want this one to complete your set.

    Terrific stuff!

  5.  Terrible!


    What a let down. Even more so as Casino Royale was fantastic. Frenetic editing makes the action unbearable to watch. A very dull story makes the drama undramatic. So, what's left? Hmm, no humor, that's for sure. Well, just Daniel Craig, I guess. One star for him only...

  6.  This is fantastic!!!!!!!


    Transformers HD DVD is absolutely awesome! Picture and sound are stunning. I've enjoyed it so much, I think I'm going to go watch it again...

    To answer so people's questions below: There is no region coding on any HD DVD's (unlike blu-ray), so any disc you buy here, or from the USA etc, will happily play on any HD DVD machine. This goes for the web extras on the disc too, so there is nothing to worry about. HD DVD was designed that way, to make everyone happy!

    A HD DVD disc will not play on an Xbox 360, without first buying the little HD DVD drive add on, which you can pick up for around £110, bargain!

    Or, Toshiba are releasing excellent £200 HD DVD players, that comes with seven free films! HD movies for the masses has arrived, and you don't need an expensive Sony games machine to enjoy them. (and you won't find Transformers on a PS3 blu-ray, either...)