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  1.  The film hailed as like being a Spielberg classic 80's film


    When Super 8 was hitting the cinema it was described as having the feel of a classic Spielberg film from the early 80's. I can understand why people said that, JJ Abrams also knows how to make a good film too. You go into this film hoping for it to have the magic say of ET or close encounters. It promieses so much at the start but then loses its way and what your left with is a good film with a poor ending.

    I had high hopes for the film. It starts well as the local kids are trying to make there own film and end up filming a train crash wihich was transporting something for the military and it escapes. Plenty of action, chase sceens etc follow and it is entertaining but it let itself down with the promising start.

  2.  A great box set to own for 14.99


    14.99 for this Aliens box set is a bargain. As far as the films go the first two are excellent. While the first one slowly builds up the suspence the second is all out war with marines and aliens. The third one is set on a prision planet with no weapons and the special effects of the alien do look dated. The fourth film while a good film just doesnt feel like an alien film like the rest of the series.

    However im sure you have seen the films, now the transfer, Generally very good but the first two, the older films look the best, Aliens is the real gem here, stunning visuals and sounds.

    Less then 15 pounds for all 4 films? Thats a great deal, there are also loads of extras crammed in that will keep you busy for hours.

    If you like the Aliens films that i recommend you buy this.

  3.  Bring me everyone...What do you mean 'everyone'?..EVERYONE!!


    Leon is a great film, not because of special effects or big name actors but because of the story and chemistry between the actors.

    The basic story is of a child being taken in by her neighbour who is a hitman after some rogue cops kill her family and drug dealing father. From then on the police are trying to find her as shes the only witness still alive but Leon who she is living with sets out to keep her safe.

    The transfer to blu ray is very good and so is the sound, but its the story of the friendship between Leon and Mathilda that make this move and some great acting by Gary Oldman. The action scenes are great too.

    The directors cut gives a slight different edge to the film as it shows more of Leon and Mathilda together with Leon teaching her some of his cleaning tips but it also raises some questions about there time together too.

    A great film, a classic.

  4.  A Great film + a great transfer = a must own blu ray


    Back to the future is a great films that mixes humour and sci fi to tell a great story of Marty McFly trapped in the past and trying get back to the present day and ensuring his parents get together or he wont exist.

    Im sure you will of already seen the film which is a 5 star film. The blu ray is a welcome pleasure and shows that older films can be transferred to blu ray very well when the film studio put the effort in. For a film over 25 years old and not filmed in hd the picture is fantastic. Colours are clear and bright and also just impressive is the sound on a surround sound system.

    If your a fan of the film then at this price is a must own, a great film, great transfer and a great blu ray.

    Highly recommend, big improvement over the tandard DVD

  5.  a very good glove, great grip, slight issue with the cuff


    Ive had issues in the past with puma sizes or im shrinking! I use to wear a puma 8.5 back in 2006 in the icana model. 2 years later i purchased puma gloves again and the 8.5 was far too big and dropped down to a size 8. I got a size 8 this time and they fit ok but not as well as expected. The fit on the fingers is fine and is a good fit. The thumb as with a lot of gloves is a little loose. The real issue was the cuff though, it just wasnt tight round my wrsit. So when i pull the velcro strap round tight the cuff can double over whioch is not comfortable.
    Latex: 4mm soft latex with an outstanding grip

    I have been a fan of Puma gloves for quite a long time, although at times they do test my patience. I started wearing these in April for the end of the season run in, i wore them for approx 8 games so far and about 6 pre match warm ups when i have not started. The grip of the gloves is fantastic. I pre washed them twice and let them dry naturally, i have been very surprised just how tacky the grip still is. They have been used on quite hard grass surfaces as the season came to a finish. Did get unlucky first match i wore them in, after diving and landing took a chunk out one of the palms which was very annoying but didnt affect the grip of the glove.

    There is wear on the finger tips, mainly the right index and some wear down the sides of both index fingers but nothing too major. They have lasted well and i will probably use them for pre season training.

    I would recommend the glove, but bear in mind what i said about the cuffs, maybe someone with slightly bigger hands would get an even better fit. No issues with stitching which i have problems with on cheaper brands.

  6.  A great film and a fantastic transfer to blu ray


    This is a great film, although very long it has plenty of action and the story keeos you watching all the time. I had owned this on dvd and decided to buy it on bly ray, was not disapointed at all. I would recommend this film. It looks great on blu ray and is a good improvement over the dvd.

  7.  A great game and worth owning


    World at war is a great addition to the COD series. Many were disappointed that it was set in WW2 after modern warfare. But this is a great game, unlike the rest of the series you can also get in tanks on the multiplayer games.

    The single player campaign is very good. Online is great and the maps are far supier to the current black ops maps. It also has zombies and if you buy the add on packs you have 4 very good zombie maps plus some good additional multiplayer maps.

    It has a good selection of weapons. There is no doubt that this is better than black ops, looks better than modern warfare 1. i dont really judge it against mw2 as there different, with different settings and eras. MW2 has very good graphics, WAW is much darker. It is worth owning. In my opinion own MW2 and WAW and u have the best 2 in the series.

  8.  A great game, but choose the original over Game of the year


    Fallout 3 is a great game, if you have a bit of time and patience once you build your stats up and level up it is very rewarding. you can fast travel also so dont have to actually take the time to travel around the hole map. i had the original game and would give it 5 out of 5. after losing my data on my ps3 i had to start again so got the game of the year edition.

    Jeez does the game like crashes or what! so annoying with the amount of times the game crashes, this does not happen on the original, not sure how the game runs on the original with the expansion packs downloaded.

    at times it struggles when there is lots going on and can be jerky too. bit of a let down, as someone else stated, why not just release a patch.

    It is a great game though, if you like rpg than you need to own this. It will take a couple of hours to really get going, once your out of the vault thats when it really gets going.

  9.  when this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're gonna see some


    The back to the future trilogy on blu ray shows that when one of the big film studios wants to they can make a film(s) as good as you was hoping. The transfer of all 3 films is excellent and also full screen. The quality is very good for a series of films 25 ish years old. The sound is also impressive and there are so many extras on each disc to keep you entertained.

    If your thikning of buying these then of course you have already seen the films and will know that they are also great films. The blu ray is a real step up in quality and is a must buy for fans.

  10.  Good, but expected better


    I purchased this camera last month after being impressed by its many features. My previous camera was a Fuji finepix s5500 which i was very impressed with but dated with its 4mp and unable to zoom in and out on video footage which was also poor quality. So i decided to upgrade to the HS10, before buying i had done some research and the reviews looked good, was a bit disappointed it was only 10MP, a big step up from what i had but below the current standard, also the next model the HS20 comes out in a couple of months and is 16MP.

    I have to say i was disappointed in the quality of photos taken by the camera. I can honestly say that i get a much finer and better quality photo on my S5500. The 7 shot burst mode is quite good and you can change the time between shots. One of the big selling points is the 30x zoom, it is also a mnaulo zoom by turning the lens ring, however i find the flash that sits on the camera gets in the way, you can only twist the zoom ring from underneath and can not get your fingers all the way round resulting in have to twist, replace fingers and twist again.

    The battery life is quite impressive, they easily last longer then my old model. Now the full HD video recording, it is good but flawed. While recording you can zoom in and out by twisting the zoom ring but the focusing is automatic and the shot gets blured while ur zooming and then refocuses when you stop. which is annoying.

    I also have an when i put the video recording on my pc with the sound and video being out of sync, however this may be an issue with my sd card or pc. the video plays back fine on the camera itself.

    It is a good camera but i feel let down as i expected so much more compared to my camera i purchased in 2004. i expected more of a step up in class. it has plenty of iso settings and auto modes to play with as well as manual settings. maybe if you can get it at a good enough price it will be worth it.

    Remember this is a bridge camera, if you really went the best shots you need to go for a DSLR.

    The camera also has a slow recording mode but to have it at the slowest it is at a poor quality setting.

    If i could make my decision again, i would probably choose a different camera as its not as superior as i expected over my old camera, and i have also read that comment elsewhere