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  1.  Une tres bonne annee.


    I have just watched this again on cable, for the Nth time. It never fails to make me feel good ... every time. It brings back many happy times in rural France, and Paris, when i was, admittedly, a little older than young Max. Plus, I just adore Marion Cotillard. I'm a big, butch bloke, but I shed a little tear of happiness at the end of the movie, every time I watch it. Must be in touch with my feminine side or something.

  2.  Surely, a dramatised documentary ...


    Having recently watched this again, I find myself thinking that this is pretty much a true, if somewhat dramatised, story. It's hard NOT to believe that similar technology exists and is being used. It's just that Edward Snowden hasn't yet spoken about it, that's all. Certainly, Obama's recent speech alluded to such matters.

  3.  An Exellent Blast from the Past


    This movie is just as good as I remember it from back in the 70s. Any film with the late, great Stanley Baker is guaranteed to be excellent ... not to mention the always lovely Miss Andress, of course, and David Warner is always a class act (Who can forget his short but dignified appearance as Chancellor Gorkon in Star Trek - The Undiscovered Country). The tension rises as the heist is aborted several times, culminating in the perfect friday of the title. And the tension continues through to a superb denouement.

    I'd also like to thank StudioCanal for releasing these BD and DVD versions in a very slim case, which is so much easier to handle and store - almost a third the thickness of a standard BD or DVD case. Why can't this type of case be used for all single or double-pack discs?

  4.  Just an excellent film


    I saw this when it first came out and was mesmerized by every aspect of the production. The werewolves were stunningly presented and the story premise was well put together. No doubt there were a few slight slips in the overall production, but I didn't find these in any way detracting from the pace and fury.

    Happily, I've always been able to suspend disbelief when watching such films and this one had me enthralled. I've watched it several times since, on TV and DVD and it never fails to grab me. Anyone feeling the need to overly criticise trivial things has simply missed the point and will never enjoy the film. That would be your loss!

    Elsewhere there have been complaints from some American cousins that they couldn't understand some of the dialogue. I'd have to say that I've had a similar experience with a number of US productions. However, I make an effort and seem to get through OK. I wonder how many struggled with the accents in 51st State?

  5.  A phone is a phone is a phone ...


    After a gap of some 5 years, I am once more pressing my 5310s (2) back into service ... AS PHONES.

    I've collected a few smartphones in recent times, the latest and greatest being an HTC One X. I find them very usable, however, Smartphones have become less about phone-calls and much more about PMPs, social networking, i/net etc. And so my recent change of heart came about.

    The Nokia 5310 is an absolute cracker of a phone. It's very small, very stylish and it's so easy to use. It's a great music player too, with an amazing speaker built into that tiny frame.

    Ladies usually have handbags with plenty of storage space. We blokes just have pockets which, especially during the warmer weather, offer minimal space. The 5310 fits almost any tiny space about the person and is easy to access when needed. That's why I got two, back in the day.

    Get one now. Use your smartphone for all the whizzy stuff and the 5310 simply as your phone - YOU'LL LOVE IT!

  6.  Hard to beat Damon's Bourne ...


    ... but this gets very, very close. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Possibly spolied just a little by the harks-back to some of the original characters. While I can see these were necessary to the script, given the concurrency of the stories, they somehow seemed just a smidgeon contrived. That said, I found that I was more than happy to embrace these back-references and shall be watching the BD again real soon.

  7.  What's not to like?


    This is a thoroughly enjoyable movie, with a great cast (inlcuding Venice), an entertaining story and a very satisfactory denouement.

    Certainly it's not very cerebral, but in the chewing-gum-for-the-eyes stakes, it certainly hits the spot for me.

    I can readily do complex and sophisticated, but sometimes I just want good-looking. That would be Jolie, Depp and Venice, then!

  8.  (Not at all) Feeling Blue - in fact, feeling very happy!


    Have now started watching the movies in earnest, with Dr No and From Russia with Love. I can confirm that (at least for me) the image and audio quality are superlative and they really do look like new productions, set in the 60s.

    This is an excellent set and the clean-up/transfer has been magnificently handled. Much has been said already about the packaging. I will confirm that it is a nice presentation of pretty high quality. The aluminum cased DVD set that I already own is a superlative package, but it's hardly a standard to be expected every time. I guess the Blueray set could have been packaged that way too ... at an extra 50 quid or so! Ultimately, it's all about the movies which are simply fantastic in Blueray format.

  9.  Just Fabulous!


    No ... I mean that sincerely. I surprised myself by buying something else that really does not exist (I have several Lightsabres). And yet, I am strangely smug and self-satisfied at owning one of these remarkable replicas. It is well designed and made, if a little fragile in the smaller parts, but I surely would not be without it.

  10.  You can tell me "I told you so".


    Like, it would appear, some others, I was ready to be disappointed by this remake, having found the original Swedish movie so good as to be one of my all time favourite films. So imagine my delighted surprise to find that this one too joins that list. The movie honours the book just as well as did the first one. The acting by all the cast is excellent, but Rooney Mara surpassed them all. Her playing of the role was easily as good as that of Noomi Rapace and, whilst this should not be about comparisons, in fact I find it unnecessary to do so. Each movie stands on its own substantial merits. I feel that I shall be able to watch the Swedish version in a week or two's time and enjoy it just as much as I did this one tonight. A bit like reading the same book in two different languages. I now find I can't wait for the next two to be released.