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  1.  incredibly disappointing


    On the plus side it looks pretty decent. Now on with the negatives.....

    Having 5 years in development you would at least think they could create a memorable game. It's repetitive, lacks any type of real scares, has laughable facial animation, constantly unfair AI (I must have been axed in the back 20 times now with no effort on the games part to draw attention to the enemy), a camera that REFUSES to stay where I repeatedly asked it to be and worst of all a central character who you feel absolutely nothing for. Alan Wake is the most mundane and down right boring 'hero' I think I've had had the mis-fortune to play. The narration running through the entire game stinks as well.

    Another middle of the road 360 title advertised as AAA by Microsoft. Don't believe the hype.


  2.  A movie of 2 halfs


    It felt like a thriller up to a point, then the story collapses under it's own weight. There's no point in continuing to watch and find out how he does what he does, as it's all explained to you half way through. This had potential, but the story is poor and the finale a complete afterthought. Avoid.

  3.  Good game, poor conversion


    The game plays as well as GRAW, but it's a very lazy conversion from the 360 title. Low resolution, poor framerate and shocking textures. OK for £20 AND ONLY if you have never played GRAW before, but for a comparision, GRAW1 on 360 looks infinitely better.