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  1.  Outstanding Action Movie In The Die Hard Mould


    It has been a lean couple of years for movies. So many sequels and 12 certificate comic book movies dumbed down to feed the masses. This film reminded me of the Steven Seagal types, the few good ones (Under Siege, Executive Decision), with brilliant action and effects, a very good cast and a great pace throughout. From the opening, when the terrorists brutally attack Washington DC, to Gerard's Butler's attempt to infiltrate the Whitehouse, this has superb action, effects and tension throughout. It reminded me of Under Siege, Die Hard, Executive Decision etc. So glad to see a film I want to buy, rather than the amount of average nonsense that has been out lately. Implausible, OTT, maybe, but this is real popcorn entertainment, good actors, special effects from the top drawer. Superb.

  2.  Violent Simple Gangster Story


    Watched this on a recent plane flight. Lots of action and violence. An incredible cast including Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin as cops who chase down crime lord Mickey Cohen, played by Sean Penn, with Emma Stone thrown in as a gangsters mol. It is quite crude and violent at times, but still sets the 50's scene well. LA Confidential is one of my favourite films ever and this doesn't quite have the gripping plot or subtlety, but it is a period we do not see often enough in films. This is well worth a watch. It also reminded me of the Untouchables a bit, which is again slightly superior, but this is solid entertainment none the less.

  3.  In between bad and awful


    I bought the 3 series on DVD and loved most of the episodes. Rented this film and was so disappointed. In the main the storyline is dire. The script is not much better and it isn't anywhere near as funny as the series. It still made loads of money, but fans of the series deserved so much more. Let's hope if they come back for another pay day someone else writes it. Clearly beyond a 25 mins episode was too much for them.

  4.  Shocking horror movie, but very good


    One of the most brutal horror movies I have seen. Gritty and realistic attack on the woman who "dies" and then gets her bloody revenge on the gang. Some of the most brutal revenge scenes you will see. It does what it says on the tin, this one.

  5.  Cracking Baseball Movie


    I like baseball. Brad Pitt is excellent in this, playing a real life story of an Oakland Athletics general manager, who frustrated by his team losing their best players to other richer clubs came up with a system of scouting/rating players which temporarily brought them success. It is a fairly simple premise, with a good script, nice support from Jonah Hill and an under-used Phillip Seymour Hoffman. This is a nice feel good movie. You certainly don't have to be a baseball fan, but one for sports fans maybe and a very good performance (Oscar Nominated) from Brad Pitt.

  6.  Classic Kevin Bacon Vigilante Movie


    Loved this from Saw director James Wan. Superb revenge thriller. Kevin Bacon's son is killed by a gang doing an initiation. Kevin get his revenge on the guy and then faces a battle to save his family after the gang come after him. It just loses one mark for a slightly uncomfortable opening (cheesey family stuff) and a very silly plot hole when Kevin leaves the hospital on foot and the police don't find him or look for him at his home! Really good direction, one fantastic one shot 8-10 mins scene where Kevin is being chased by the gang through an alley way and a multi storey car park. Acting all round is very good and lots of action. You must have enjoyed Saw and while this is not as clever and more of a budget it is another worthy outing for James Wan who is a talent.

  7.  Great French Action Revenge Movie


    Jean Reno is an ex-drug dealer out with his son when he shot 22 times by a masked gang. He survives and one by one takes deadly revenge on a crew. The pace is good. Lots of action and shootings. We all know Jean Reno of Leon fame is an excellent actor. Highly recommended. Also try Tell No One and Point Blank, 2 other excellent French Films.

  8.  Poor prison film


    This looked interesting, bought it from play.com and watched it with a mate who was also not impressed. Despite a good cast, the plot becomes silly and after untold things happen to Adrian Brody he just forgets and walks away. Shawshank Redemption, Green Mile or The Last Castle this isn't. I've not seen Adrian Brody in many good films, but try Forrest Whittaker in The Last King Of Scotland or Street Kings. Far more enjoyable and better storylines. Prison Break is excellent too.

  9.  Toby Kebbell deserves better


    Dead Mans Shoes is probably my favourite British film and Toby Kebbell is very good in his debut. He is a good actor, in Control, Rock'n'rolla. His performance in this is OK, but I can't believe the reviews. This is no low budget gem. It has some interesting parts as we follow our ex-soldier and his attempts to settle back in normal life on a rough estate, but the story, script and direction don't deliver. This will disappoint.

  10. REC 2

    REC 2


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     Very good horror movie


    I am yet to see the first film. This is a quick paced horror film with short running time of 80 mins. Picture and sound are superb on blu ray. Lots of screams and shooting. The effects on the zombies are very good. There are a few moments of dark humour as well. If you like horrors, this should be on your list.