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  1.  Shockingly poor


    I bought this with high hopes, but was extremely disappointed. The sound quality is poor, with a lot of background hiss. I have tried it with nearly all the frequencies available and with several different car radios - the results were always terrible. I also found that using the headphone socket instead of the iPod connection resulted in even worse sound quality. This item is not fit for purpose and I shall be returning it for a refund.

  2.  Not for everyone, but an awesome piece of kit!


    This is my review of the iPod Touch. Firstly, let me say how thin this thing is - it's even slimmer than the iPhone - but it still has a sense of being solid and well built. With a glossy black face and a mirrored metal back it continues the typical iPod quality feel. Where this one differs from the rest of Apple's offerings is in its outstanding range of capabilities. Not only can you listen to music, view photos and watch movies, but now you also have access to the internet via wifi, you can download songs straight to your iPod, surf Youtube, check weather, mail, stocks and even find your current position on Google maps. I found setting up a wifi connection and the Mail application both surprisingly straightforward. It's also worth noting that the Safari web browser coupled with the Touch's famous "Multi-Touch" display is simply the best portable internet I have ever used. It runs quickly, smoothly and is a joy to use. However, the most important part of any iPod is the sound quality and this one does not disappoint. If you have music encoded with a decent bit rate you will be in sonic nirvana. However, I have found that the audio equaliser settings make the music sound artificially coloured and are very much best left alone. To really enjoy your music you will have to buy a new set of headphones, as the earbuds that come with the Touch are quite frankly useless. If you upgrade to a quality pair, you'll kick yourself if you ever considered using the Apple ones - the difference in audio quality is that obvious. In fact, Apple have been very stingy with the included accessories - there's no cradle, just a lead to plug to you pc, there's no case to keep the iPod safe in, there's no AV kit to plug into your TV, you have to buy that separately too. But the one that gets me the most - if you want to charge to thing, you better have a computer nearby, because you have to charge it with the USB cable. If you want to charge it by mains, you have to buy a separate charger. I spent £250 on an mp3 player and it doesn't come with a charger? Ridiculous. Another thing that is tight is storage space. 16GB is not much these days, and the 8GB version wouldn't even hold all my music never mind photos and videos. However, there is a reason for the small capacity - the data is stored on flash memory, which is expensive to produce in high capacity, but has the advantages of being lighter, less power hungry, smaller and more shock resistant than a hard disk player (like the iPod classic). The small amount of space may be a deal-breaker for some, but personally I find 16GB is ample - just don't expect to put your entire DVD collection on it.

    If you only want an mp3 player for music and videos, then this one is not for you. There are many higher capacity and lower priced alternatives out there. However, if you are likely to want some internet or mail capabilities on a portable device in addition to music and video then the iPod Touch is hard to beat. It simply exudes quality, but this quality comes at a price. It's not for everyone, but it is for me!

  3.  Wonderful player


    This player gives absolutely stunning HD pictures and up-scales your old DVD collection fantastically. It even has 1080p24 for the best images you can get. It comes with a free HDMI cable and as HD DVD is region free, it will play HD disks from anywhere in the world. Note that if you want to play a normal DVD it has to be from region 2. Start-up times are quite slow, because HD players are basically like small computers that need to "boot-up" (it's around 20-30 seconds to start up). However, once booted-up its performance is excellent. It has a network connection to access the internet for updates and online content and can do "picture in picture" for all those cool bonus features. HD DVD is really fantastic for big screens - it looks so much better than standard def on my projector. It gives a much clearer image, with deeper, richer colours. The player isn't that expensive either - especially when you consider you'll get over £100 worth of HD DVDs free with it! If you've got a big HD ready TV or projector, then I can't recommend this enough!

  4.  An Excellent Projector by Optoma


    This is a really great projector, at a very impressive price - the cheapest WXGA I've seen! Many DLP projectors suffer from the "rainbow effect" but with this Optoma there is virtually no rainbow effect at all - this is due to the 4x speed colour wheel, which is faster than you would find in many other projectors. Out of the box, the picture is great. I found the yellows were maybe slightly muted but this can be adjusted by the on-screen menus. The actual projector looks very sleek - the black and silver case looks really classy - and it comes with all the inputs you could want, expect SCART, but don't worry - a SCART adapter comes in the box. Being HD ready, it's also got an HDMI port for your HD-DVD or Blu-ray. The remote is easy to use, and the buttons light up so you can see them in a darkened room. Thankfully the remote seems to be very powerful too - you don't actually need to point it at the projector for it to work. In operation, the Optoma is quiet, particularly in the "normal" brightness setting.

    It really is wonderful to watch a movie, or play a game on a projector - you get an 80", 90" or 100" image from something that costs the same as a decent 37" LCD TV - bargain or what?!

    Overall, I am very pleased with this projector - it looks great, gives a fantastic picture, is easy to use and is excellent value for money!