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  1.  An must have for your xbox 360!


    I bought one of these recently and (sorry to sound cheesy but) it has seriously enhanced my 'gaming experience'. I am not a technical kinda guy when it comes to audio / video, but i wanted the best picture for my tv and xbox as possible. I read some reviews on here and elsewhere and i decided to go for this one. It was a great decision and i am glad i got this because the games look freakin amazing now. I have a new Samsung 32" flat screen TV and combined with my xbox 360 (arcade model) and this component cable gaming is better than ever. I haven't got a surround sound system, but i could say that with this cable it would kick even more ass. Buy with confidence and without hesitation.

  2.  Beck to his best


    I saw Beck perform recently in Amsterdam and they had the album for sale at the gig that night. Naturally i grabbed a copy on my way in. I have given it a good thrashing since and i love it. Took a few listens to get used to the new sound obviously, but i could tell from the 1st listen this would be a good one. Danger Mouse has added that special something to Beck's already stellar musical ability, and the beats on this are total class. This is more a stoner rock sound for Beck and quite deep, and has re-invented himself yet again. This is a must buy for the Beck fan or the causal Beck listener as it is a departure from the last few releases. Total quality and brilliant when performed live. If you liked the Black Keys new album 'Attack and Release' you'll dig this one.

  3.  One of the best..


    This book is a MUST HAVE for ANY GNR or hard rock fan in general. Well written & very informative on the life and times of one of the best guitar players in the world and an in-depth insight into one of the most dangerous rock bands of all time. I had been waiting for a decent authorized book on GNR for quite some time, and this takes the cake. Written by someone who was there in the thick of it and it explains it all and very easy to read. Slash doesn't hold back on his past addictions and former band mates whatsoever. It is really a great book to buy, if your a fan you won't be disappointed. I finished it in a matter of days it was that entertaining. Its up there at the top of rock n roll autobiographies for sure. If you liked Motley Crue's Dirt, Manson's 'Long Hard Road Out Of Hell', Anthony Kiedis' Scar Tissue, or even Danny Sugarman's Wonderland Avenue, this book is for you. I can't recommend this highly enough.

  4.  Almost...


    I bought this recently, tossing up between 2007 and 2008, reading reviews online etc etc and trying to decide whether the 2008 version would be worth the extra money. I am very happy with my decision to get this one at a great price, because its a very good game. I have not been keeping up with the WWE the past few years and have no idea who these new wrestlers are, but enjoy reliving some old times by using some of the older wrestlers, there are apparently more 'legends' to unlock on this version than the 2008 version which i like, and i have no interest in ECW which was another reason i bought this one and not the new one. My only complaint would be the loading times on the game, anytime you leave a menu or even after the match it takes around 30 seconds (sometimes more) to load to the next screen and can get quite frustrating, especially when you have just won a title and want to watch the post match celebrations. All in all, i am really enjoying this one and glad i didnt fork out the extra 20 quid or more for the new one.

  5. NHL 08

    NHL 08

    Xbox 360

    2 New from  £2.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.50



    This game is definitley worth the money, fantastic gameplay, very realistic, and incredibly in-depth. I got this today and cant stop playing it. I have had no problems thus far with crashing. I have owned every EA Sports NHL game since 1995 and they keep getting better every year. If your a die hard fan you will not be disappointed, new rosters, jerseys etc make this a very realistic experience, the in game commentary is brilliant too and the detail of players and their equipment is very cool. Unlike some other games which become boring very quickly this one will keep you entertained for a long time. The only disapointing thing is they haven't included the DEL German League this time (they did in NHL 07 on PSP for some reason). A must have for Hockey fans, and anyone curious enough to see what its like! Enough to keep you going till NHL 09!

  6.  Done it again


    This album is total quality. Those of you that think they cant top the last two albums, think again. This is a great album, brutal as hell. As it says in the booklet PLAY IT LOUD! Buy this if your sick of the crap that the NME and the PC media thinks is cool. Nice packaging and full LYRICS! how rare is that these days! Well done to Phil and the boys. Good to see them back on top.