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  1.  Mario's going back to his roots


    Do you remember the days when Mario used to run through the Mushroom Kingdom to rescue Princess Peach from the evil clutches of Bowser, instead of playing some pointless sport or board game? I do, and, thankfully, so does Mario.

    New Super Mario Bros. is the first 2D Mario game since the excellent Super Mario World on the SNES back in 1991. 16 years later and Mario's still got it.
    Once again Princess Peach has been captured by Bowser & Bowser Jr, so it's up to our favourite dungaree wearing plumber to save the day.
    New Super Mario Bros. still has all of the classic of gameplay from the original NES and SNES titles without making it feel like an old game, but making it feel fresh and new instead. You have to work your way through each level, defeating or avoiding enemies whilst collecting coins and solving puzzles on the way. You can also unlock hidden secrets by collecting 3 Star coins which are hidden in each level. And let's not forget the Power-Ups, you still have the classics such as the Mushroom and the Fire Flower but now there are two new additions, first is the Mega Mushroom which makes Mario grow so much that he fills the screen, with this Power-Up you can smash almost everything in your path. The other Power-Up is the Mini Mushroom which shrinks Mario, allowing him to reach into small gaps; Mini Mario also has the ability to jump higher than Normal Mario.
    The graphics are great too, even though the game is 2D the characters are 3D (very similar to Sonic Rush) which works really well. The level design is fantastic with some levels taking place in the sky or underwater; and the game is so bright and colourful, even the castle levels will make your Art teacher cry with joy.

    New Super Mario Bros. also has a Multiplayer mode where you and a friend, who play as either Mario or Luigi, have to race through a level and reach the goal. The game includes "Single Card Download" so your friends can also get a taste of this game There are also some mini games too, but the majority of these are from Super Mario 64 DS, but they're still fun to play.

    Overall this is a great game. The Single player mode is great and, at the same time, challenging. And with Multiplayer mode and mini games included, you'll be playing this for quiet some time. After all, Princess don't save themselves.

  2.  Sonic Rush-es onto Nintendo DS


    Poor old Sonic has been getting a lot of hassle lately with people criticising his 3D adventures and his attempt to race on futuristic hover boards. But all that can be forgotten with the help of Sonic Rush on the Nintendo DS.

    It's back to basics with Sonics first outing on the DS with simple 2D, fast paced, platforming action which is similar to his original Mega Drive games and his Game Boy Advance titles. Sonic Rush also introduces an new character, Blaze the Cat. The story is a bit different to what you'd expect from a Sonic game. Two parallel universes are about to collide and it's up to Sonic to stop Eggman Nega from stealing the Chaos Emeralds , while Blaze must stop Dr. Eggman in his attempts to steal the Sol Emeralds.
    The graphics are nice with 3D cell-shaded characters on a 2D level which look lovely. The game is also spread across both screens on the DS; one minuet you'll be running on the bottom screen until you hit a spring board that will shoot you up to the top screen. It's a great touch and it keeps you focused on the gameplay. And if you thought that Sonic was fast, then just wait 'til you see him with the help of the Tension Gauge. You fill the Tension Gauge by performing trick combos (a bit like Sonic Advanced 2). Once the gauge is full you can then used the stored energy to perform an extremely fast dash which will allow you to defeat enemies quickly and access the Special Stages via the spinning generators.
    The Special Stages are where the touch screen comes into play. You use the stylus to control Sonic in a half pipe and collect a certain number of rings whilst avoiding numerous bombs (which is just like the Special Stages in Sonic the Hedgehog 2). It's a great way to use the touch screen and it's also very challenging.

    Multiplayer in Sonic Rush features a race between Sonic and Blaze across a selection of levels. You can also download a demo version to a friends DS and race with the "Single Card Download" function.

    Sonic Rush is a return to form for our spiky blue friend, and is a must-buy for any Sonic fans who have felt let-down with previous Sonic games. In fact, this is a must-buy game for anyone.

  3.  42 reasons to get this game


    OK, so maybe I don't have 42 reasons to get this game like the title suggests, but this is a game that deserves your attention.

    For starters, you get 42 games for under £20, if that's not a bargain then I don't know what is.
    There are some real gems in this game that will bring back some nostalgia in your life with games such as Ludo, Dominos and even a Battleships-type game. For the more modern gamer there's a selection of Billiards, Bowling and Darts; and for the gambler inside of you there's Blackjack too. There are even some games that you've, probably, never even heard of.

    Single player mode has three different options -Stamp mode, Mission mode and Free Play mode-.
    In Stamp mode you have to win each of the 42 games against the computer; once you've won the first game you receive a stamp and then move on to the next game, and so on.
    Mission mode is pretty obvious but very tricky. You have to complete a certain objective in a certain game, such as getting 5 strikes in-a-row in Bowling or getting a "Straight" in Rummy.
    And Free Play mode lets you play any of the 42 games at your leisure.

    Multi Player mode is great fun too. With Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, not only can you challenge people across the globe, but you and also communicate with them due to the games built in Picto Chat function. The Picto Chat function also work with the normal DS-to-DS Multi Player games too. You can even download a demo version to your friends Nintendo DS so that they can see how great this game is.

    This game is fantastic and is very easy to just pick up and play. It's also a great way to introduce your friends or family into gaming, and for under £20 you really can't go wrong.

  4.  Wi-Fi made possible, courtesy of Nintendo


    Those chaps at Nintendo really do think about the gamers needs, don't they. They designed the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection so that any one with a DS can play online games for free, but they also knew that some people out there don't have a wireless connection, so they talked to their buddies at Buffalo and created this, the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector.

    It's simple to set up, just pop the Installation disc into your computer, load the software and you're ready to go. However, those of you who have an AOL connection will be having a difficult time to get this working.
    You see, AOL's connection is so secure that it won't allow you to play online using the Wi-Fi USB Connector. Instead, you have to create another network which by-passes the AOL software but still allows you access to the internet and will allow your Wi-Fi USB Connector to work.

    This is a great product for those who don't have a wireless connection and who want to play some online games on their Nintendo DS. And, best of all, it's compatible with your Nintendo Wii too! But if you've got AOL then you should really think about getting a wireless router, because it's going to be a lot less hassle for you.

  5.  So where's the good picture then?


    I brought this RGB Scart Lead in the hopes that I would be getting better picture quality from my Nintendo Wii. Well, I must of had the word "Sucker" slapped on my forehead because this did absolutely nothing.

    The only reason that you should buy this is if your original AV cables are broken, it works well as a replacement to your original cables and it's not a bad price either. But if your AV cables work (which they should) then I'd suggest that you don't waste your money on this.

  6.  PES6 takes a good shot, but hits the crossbar


    The PES series is un-doubly better than it's rival FIFA series, but has the Nintendo DS done this latest instalment any justice? Well, Yes and No.

    The gameplay in PES6 is still as good as it always has been, and is really easy to just pick up and play without playing through the tutorial. Obviously the graphics aren't as good as the PlayStation 2 version, but for the Nintendo DS they look really good, but it's hard to say that, especially when all the players look identical to one-another.
    You get the chance to play as one of the 57 international teams or club teams, including licensed teams such as Manchester United and Juventus.

    You still get all of the standard game modes -Cup mode, Exhibition mode, PK mode and Create mode- but, unfortunately, there is no Master League mode; instead you've got the World Tour mode which allows you to take you're created team and face all of the international teams. You start off at the bottom of the ladder facing poor teams such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, but you'll soon work you're way up and face the likes of Brazil and Italy as your team gets better and better.
    The touch screen is also used quiet well. In PK mode you simply tap the screen on where you want the ball to go, or where you want your Goal Keeper to dive. The touch screen is also used in setting up your formation on the pitch and changing players, which makes organizing your team much easier.
    The online mode via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is fun, but it suffers from some terrible slow-down when there are too many players on the screen at anytime.

    PES6 for the Nintendo DS is a good game and it's miles better than any FIFA game, but think of it this way: PES6 on the PS2 is like playing real football. PES6 on the DS is like playing on a football table, while it's still good fun, you'd rather be playing the real thing.

  7.  Mario Kart in pole position


    I've played my fair share of Mario Kart games over the years, but none stand out more that Mario Kart DS.

    With smooth gameplay and some of the best 3D graphics ever seen on a Nintendo DS, Mario Kart DS has you playing as one of eight characters from the Mario universe with each character having a choice of two different karts, a standard kart and their own unique kart. Just like previous Mario Kart games there are a choice of 4 different cups to compete in, each having 4 tracks to race on. And, on top of that, there are 4 more cups with classic tracks from previous Mario Kart games on the SNES, N64, GBA and GameCube, giving you a total of eight cups to try and win. And as you progress through the cups you'll unlock extra karts and characters to play as.
    And, for the first time in a Mario Kart game, you can play Battle mode against the computer, which is good, but you don't get the same satisfaction of defeating your computer opponent as you would with your friend.
    Another new addition to the Mario Kart series is the Mission mode which gives you a certain number of objectives to complete.

    While the single player mode is fantastic the real fun is had with the multi-player mode. Up to eight people can go head-to-head in either Cup mode or Battle mode. The game is also enabled with "Single Card Download Play" which will let your friends, who don't have the game, to play as a Shy Guy and join in on the fun too.
    And let's not forget that you can challenge up to 3 people across the globe with Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The fast paced action is just as smooth on-line as it is off-line, and, best of all, it's free!

    This is a must buy game for anyone with a Nintendo DS. If you've played past Mario Kart games then you'll absolutely love the classic tracks and new additions to this game. If you're new to the Mario Kart series then you couldn't of picked a better game to start off with. Trust me, you'll be hooked on this game for many months to come.