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  1.  You don't need a Super PC to play!


    I was doubtful my pc would be able to play this game after reading all about the amazing HD graphics however with all the settings on low my pc (2.5gb RAM, Nvidia 7300gs graphics card, pentium 4 3.0ghz processor) can run amazing well. The game still looks amazing and does not jolt at all. This game has to be seen to be believed, even with all settings on low it is a beautiful game, but it is not just beautiful to look at but also plays like a dream. From strategic action to fast and frantic it has it all. Unlike some games, when you blow something up it doesn't magically disappear when you go away from it and come back all in all adding to a more realistic feel to the game. If your pc can run it even on low settings this is a PC must buy!

  2.  Great game, stop the whining


    Many people sit on the Fifa or PES side of the fence, I sat on the PES side for many years but tried Fifa for the first time in years on Fifa07. This game was more fun than Pro Evo but yes it was less realistic and easy to score unlike PES. However Fifa08 fixes these issues. Yes the controls are slightly different but it makes them more similar to PES and it makes a great improvement in gameplay. Scoring is harder which was most peoples gripe but on the other hand scoring too easily used to be people's problem. Either way you can seperately set the goal keepers skill to make this easier or harder (and you can make the rest of the team of a different skill level). As for slow jumpy graphics, I have a single core 3.0 ghz intel processor (not one of the new duo's) and the game runs amazingly well. Overall I feel this is a vast improvement on the fun but easy 07 and beats PES6 hands down, we'll just have to see what PES2008 has to bring (yet with few real teams).

  3.  Amazing!


    I bought this game after seeing some adverts on Tv. I was amazed how good the control system was and how great the graphics were. I am still playing it and love all the action, the attention to detail is amazing!

  4. FIFA 07

    FIFA 07

    Playstation Portable

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    I have always been Po Evo man myself but due to wanting to play friends online I bought Fifa 07 on the Pc and was amazed how much the game had improved. On this basis I then purchased the PSP version and in comparison to Pro Evolution 6 on the PSP this game is amazing! I was very disappointed with Pro Evo 6 as it was a shadow of it's PC conterpart but somehow EA have managed to cram nearly all the PC features of Fifa into the PSP version. Cut scenes come in and go out without a lengthly load time as in PES6 which adds to the atmosphere of the game instead of making you angry it takes so long. Also with all the real player names/kits/logos etc it just looks amazing. Whilst PES6 is possibly a more skillfull game, Fifa07 is a whole lot more fun! With a manager mode included this is all you could wish for from a football game! Amazing! And it has full commentary which makes this so much better than ProEvo