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  1.  Use By Date doesn't matter...


    I'd just like to inform everyone that use by dates don't matter with POGO paper. Polaroid have to put a use by date on it because of the EU as it's considered a consumable. The paper will in fact last forever provided you keep it in the right conditions (temperature, humidity, etc). The crystals in the paper will remain perfect regardless of use by dates until you print a picture, thus heating the crystals up to produce the image. So the paper is absolutely fine. Also, this 90 pack offers the best value for money you can get for the paper. It's actually 3 packs of 30.

  2.  Excellent memory card


    Works fantastically well in my ASUS eeepc 701SD (using a card adaptor to make it fit the netbook's SD/SDHC slot). Please note that it doesn't come with an adaptor though, you only get the MICRO SDHC card, although the packaging is moulded to house one.

  3.  Better than you might think...


    Got these glasses a couple of weeks ago and have used them most nights in bed. The resolution per screen is 428 x 240 which doesn't seem that good, but trust me they are good enough to watch video on. They actually do give the impression of a 52" widescreen from 9 feet. I know some reviews on the net say it doesn't feel that way, but when used in darkness or with the light blocker (so you're focussing just on the screen and not on your surroundings too) it really does look great. The only trouble is you get a glare in some scenes of a video, which is understandable as the light from the screens has to pass through a special lens. I thought they were comfortable enough, both when I was sat up and lay down in bed. I tried a field sequential 3D DVD with it and it looked amazing! The 3D was terrific. Much better than horrible anaglyph 3D, of which the R/G type is compatible also, though I've never come across any of those as I think it's an older type of anaglyph. One of the reasons I opted for the AV310 instead of the higher resolution AV920 is the fact that this takes a single AA battery to power it. I hate the idea of a rechargeable battery in a device such as this. All in all, an excellent gadget. Just make sure you use it often enough to get your money's worth out of it.

  4.  Works for me...


    I took this out the packaging, put the battery in and pointed it at my Samsung HDTV. 15 seconds after holding the search button I could change channels, turn volume up and down, enter AV mode and turn the TV on and off. Awesome. Took it to my friends house to try on their old Toshiba CRT TV and it worked perfectly. Not yet tried it down the pub during footie... Also has a built-in LED light. Bargain for £2:79.

  5.  Cool toy!


    I got mine when it was a tenner. Managed to fly it out the window, back in then back out! It was so fun until a gust of wind took it! There it was hovering beautifully, then whoosh! It shot straight up! Over the roof, on the roof, I dunno! Never did find it! Got a nice remote though lol

  6.  Awesome must-have gadget!


    I've had this printer for nearly a month and have printed over 270 photos out (it's so addictive!). It goes without saying that you'll get the best quality prints from the best quality digital photos. I'd recommend an image of 1MP or higher, although VGA pictures don't look too bad but you may experience jagged edges due to the low resolution of your image file. I have excellent prints taken at London Zoo, they really are photo quality. Mobile phone photos generally won't come out as well as digital camera photos simply because phones can't take as good a picture, regardless of how many mega pixels they are. Most pictures aren't in a 3x2 ratio (which is what most photo printers, including the Pogo, prefer) so the photos will become slightly cropped. On landscape pictures it's usually the right-hand side and bottom that get cut off, so sometimes it's best to rotate the image 180degrees to get your subject in properly.

    People are saying the iPhone won't work with this printer, that's because Apple have only allowed audio profiles to work on their iPhones meaning the iPhone can't send pictures, videos or even music through Bluetooth to any device.

    The LG Viewty will work ONLY if you rename the photo. The Pogo doesn't like the filenames of Viewty photos for some reason, so all you need to do is rename the photos you want to print then it'll work.

    Battery life is good enough. I manage to get around 15 prints per charge. It's a great gadget to have. I've printed in McDonald's, on the train and on the bus! What other printer let's you do that?? Plus you can peel the backs off and use them as stickers! Cool, eh??!!

    Paper isn't too expensive when you consider that you'll never need to buy ink cartridges or ribbons. The paper is the only thing you'll ever need to buy as it uses ZINK for 100% inkless full colour printing.

    All in all I'd recommend this pocket printer to anyone wanting to free their prints from their phones or cameras. Probably be most popular with younger people as it's designed for instant fun wherever you are! Not that the older generation don't like instant fun of course! It really is a lot of fun. I've been taking photos of my friends on the bus and sticking them on the windows! Nights down the pub can be livened up by taking photos of your friends on your phone, printing them out on-the-spot and sticking them on each other!

  7.  A must for your Pogo printer!


    These offer great value for money at 21.4p a sheet in this 70 pack compared to 26.6p per sheet for the 30 pack and a whopping 39.9p per sheet for the 10 pack. Seen them on other sites for just a bit more so very good value on play.

  8.  A great POGO case!


    Nice material, good quality product. Pouch for the POGO and a pouch to house 3 packs of paper or a spare battery. You can fold the top over and print without taking it out the case if you like.

  9.  Terrific film!!!


    Omg this film blew me away. It's absolutely awesome. The special effects are amazing! Angelina jolie is great in this film (liked her in mr and mrs smith, too).

    Great twist at the end, didn't see that coming!!

    I rented the dvd but i'm gonna buy it as it's so cool. Well recommended.

  10.  Totally awesome!


    I agree with all the other fantastic reviews; this film is mint! It grips you throughout. It's very well put together and the acting is superb. OK the daughter doesn't exactly steal the show but you do feel sorry for her when she gets snatched. Oh, she also played Shannon in LOST. Holly Vallance also stars in this.