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  1.  Awesomeness ! pre order now!


    Series 2 !! Evil e4 stopped showing it after xmas due to big brother but after that annoying interlude it returned with full force .

    The age of conan is one of my favs but buy it for the aerosol laser dodging chess game . think mission impossible in the kitchen to play chess .

    There is a few new characters , one being a fellow nerd at work with a lisp who is annoying to say the least but thankfully he was only around for 1 or 2 episodes.

    Bring on series 3 !!

  2.  Could be better - get rock band instead


    First of all i have played guitar hero since it arived in the uk and it has been greatly improved upon since the orginal game on the ps2 .

    You dont need to buy the new equipment , thank god i am starting to build a colection of plastic guitars in my living room .

    the game works with the older xbox guitars and the rock band guitar , and the game picks up on which guitar / drum kit you are using .

    If using an older guitar like myself it changes the slide button into a darker notes liked up by a purple line , you dont notice it at first but you get used to it.

    It also notices if you are playing on the rock band drum kit (like i do) and changes the notes to hit from 5 to 4

    The songlist is ok , not great there isnt anything that stands out to you . nothing like freebird or one which spent many hours frustrating thousands of players to get the last achievements.

    Seeing a digital version of ozzy and hendrix did make me giggle for a while though

    Having played rock band solidly since may , i feel that guitar hero world tour just doesnt match up as they basically took rock band and put guitar hero world tour on the box , its very close to be being the same game but rock band has much better graphics and more personalisable items of clothing.

    The music maker tool is ok but it takes a while to use and i only basically used it to get an achievement .

    Buy this game if you must , but rock band is cheaper for the bundle of play and rock band 2 comes out in a week ( and rock band has weekly downloadable content)

    Activision is now doing with GH what it did with tony hawks games and pushing them out every year for xmas and reducing the quality in the process

  3.  Chinese cartman tshirt - retro !!!


    I bought this t shirt for 2 for 10 in the recent play promotion. As it was 16.99 on its own i got a good bargain . The t-shirt is a light red colour and the image doesn't stand out as well as it does on the image . however i like it this way . The print of the image is slightly broken but i feel that it was printed that way as the image itself was not peeling off as some t shirts i have bought. As the t shirt is called retro i feel that it was designed to look old and worn .

    i love it and for the price that i bought it at , i cant complain . It is very comfy and is long enough for it to be baggy over my jeans .

    If it is still in the promo , buy it , as you get a good quality t shirt for 5 pound

    The image of cartman as a sumo is worth every penny !!!

  4.  SPARTA !!!!


    THIS IS SPARTA !!!!!

    Sorry it had to be done , heavy on the scottish accent. 300 is great , its based on the story of the 300 spartans that took on persia. this act united greece. The film is visually stunning , and the action is none stop . At times it may seem over the top but that just adds to the film. Its a must own and everyone must shout SPARTA in a scottish accent at least once after watching it .

  5.  overpriced


    This game is guitar hero 2 with neon colours. There are only 30 songs and very few things to unlock . I did not find it hard until the hard setting and im sure that was due to my arm getting tired.

    the track list is quite odd . i havent heard of most of them and the ones i have heard sound odd . The song radar love im sure was deeper in tone.

    this game is ok not great but not bad . Personally i dont think that £25 is worth it . ( i got guitar hero 2 for cheaper than that )

    if you like the 80s get it, its ok to play but it wont consume your life like the other guitar hero games tended to do .

    Get it if you need to fill the void between guitar 2 and 3 but if you could , wait for 3 . Wait and save the money to get the new wireless guitars .