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  1.  Great game


    Ignore all the moaners on here, this is truly a great game. The only people complaining seem to be those obsessed with multiplayer. While I accept that is a big thing these days I personally like single player and don't have much interest in multiplayer.
    Single player campaign is very interesting. The stories are loosely based on actual events which gives the game a very realistic feel and connection with the characters. Could have been longer but still kept me interested through the whole thing. I'm also currently playing Ghosts and although a good game, the COD single player mode is very similar to Black Ops 1 and 2 so I find a bit boring. Get MOH if you like single player, much better than COD.

  2.  Chilling!!!!


    Not a lot more I can add to what previous reviewers have said. I am a massive horror fan and it takes a lot for a horror film to scare me or get any praise considering some of the drivel dished up lately.
    This is one of those films, I watched this on my own one night and this genuinely had me jumpy. Loads of 'goosebump' moments and frights aplenty. The usual thin plots with horror films means you work out how it's gonna end 10 minutes in. Not this one, I had no idea. If you're a horror fan, this is a must. Really good plot, filmed very well and very, very creepy!!!! This is what horror films should be like instead of the usual slasher rubbish that is all part and parcel of the horror genre these days.

  3.  Disappointing!!


    Once again NFS have failed to come anywhere near NFS 2 Underground and NFS Undercover (by far the 2 best offerings in the franchise). Pointless cop chases, never get busted, don't continue pursuits once race is won, why bother?? The racing is repetitive, limited cars, can't do any upgrades, no real story or cut scenes. Overall a boring racing game that is way too short and easy. My 8 yr old completed this no problem. Again waited in anticipation for something that resembled Underground & Undercover but not even close. This is supposed to be about illegal street racing but it's lost it's way. Won't be getting the next one.

  4.  Chilling film


    As an avid hooror movie fan, it takes a lot for a film to make the hairs stand on end and this one delivers. Too many new horror movies go for the 'slasher' theme when all you really need is suspense. This is not a big budget fim and no major stars in it but I think this is what contributes to it being such a good film. There were a lot of 'make you jump' scenes and genuinely scary moments I haven't experienced since the likes of the Grudge and Ring installments. Loved this film and would definitely recommend it. To the people giving this bad reviews, they are not genuine horror fans and probably expect too much from this film.

  5.  Resident Evil fan


    Don't know what all the complaining is about. The RE films are never gonna be Oscar material but you get exactly what you expect from them. I went to the cinema to see the 3D version and this film is brilliant. RE films are like marmite, you love en or hate em. I for one love them. This is one of the best in the series, action sequences were brilliant (lot's of Matrix style action). I might be biased as I love Milla Jovavich but the RE films are the best of the bunch with all the Zombie flims released of late. This will definitely be added to my collection and at 5.99 it's a bargain. Just a pity it wasn't released in 3D on dvd.

  6.  Bad, bad, bad


    I am a massive fan of the Predator series. I even enjoyed AVP. AVP2 was not a good addition to the series but still watchable compared to this garbage. This was one of the "must see" films my mates and I were waiting in anticipation for. Turned out to be a terrible attempt at a so called sequel. It felt like a bad remake of the original film. Adrian Brody as the all action hero is probably the worst casting error in the history of casting errors. Made absolutely no sense at all, no answers as to how they got there, just a bad film on all levels. Don't know how the other reviewers gave this 4stars pus. They cannot be genuine fans of the predator series. I would wait until this is in the bargain box for a fiver and I'm sure it won't be long before it is. Rubbish!!!!!!!!!

  7.  Good film but not accurate


    This is a great film and better than I thought it would be. Good acting and a very believable story. I'm a massive Stephen King fan and the only reason I gave this 4 stars is that the ending, though brilliant and a "never expected that" moment is nothing like how the book ends.

  8.  A classic in the making


    This was a lot better than I anticipated. The original film was just that, original but with some decent stars and some great scary scenes, this is a really good remake. As well as being gory, but not over the top, this is one of those rare films that actually makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up and being a real horror buff, this doesn't happen often to me. A must for scary film fans!