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  1.  COPY CAT


    This is a copy of the film Infernal Affairs. Scorsese has basically taken this great film and put rubbish actors in the mix. With the exception of Jack Nicholson the cast is horrible. Damon and Caprio are on a par with rubbish actors like Ben Afflick.

    If you want the true film buy Infernal Affairs not this cop out.

  2.  Simply Awe Inspiring


    This is a fantastic and exciting film, focusing on Lee's life rather than the mysteries surrouning his death. J Scott Lee is fantastic as Bruce. I do not understand how someone rated this a 1 star. It is on par with many other Biopic such as Malcolm X, Ray and many others.

    It is a film I have watched time and time again, I do have all Bruce Lee films and this is a nice alternative, to look more at the man and not just his great strength (which is also portrayed here through films and fantastic fight scenes).

  3.  American Rubbish


    Another American attempt to convey English history through very crooked eyes. Historically inaccurate (to say the least), poor casting except for Sam Neil. Peter O'Toole is choosing roles in which he can sit down for most of the scenes before the inevitable happens.

    This is simply awful, I cringed from the moment I pressed play. You can even see radiators in some of the locations.

  4.  A New Level of Battlefield!


    This game is a great addition to any shooter fan or Battlefield fan. With the new addition of Single Player and an interesting Story this game is great. 7 Single Player missions with 3 difficulty settings. The missions are pretty lengthy and the maps are very large. Hidden collectables and gold will keep you searching around the map and finding new areas.

    The destructible environments are well done allowing for easy access into any building and it also stops campers hiding in cover. There is a down side to this however, sometimes when you blow a hole through a wall to destroy and enemy (Single player) the AI enemies do not die.

    This has become quite obvious in the entire game. Enemies both online and offline take forever to kill. You will be shooting someone forever and they turn around and shoot you in one.

    Another bad point is when you die on Single Player whatever you have destroyed and whoever you have killed isn't there again, this means anyone can complete the game on Hard at a snails pace.

    But this game is still a great addition to the summer collection of games. But due to these flaws I am only giving it a 4/5 star, it isn't perfect.

  5.  Multiplayer Madness


    I bought this game when it came out in November of 2006. Basically the story mode is fantastic in single player or of course 2 player co-op online and offline (offline via splitscreen). But where this game really excells is on the online Multiplayer 4vs4 gameplay. With over 22 different multiplayer maps, 4 games types (Warzone & Execution aka team slayer/team deathmatch....Assassination aka Leader and Annex aka king of the hill).

    Personally after enjoying the online multiplayer I hardly played the story again and tried to but never got into it. The online is completely different to the story mode with more of an emphasis on weapon selection and a lot of close combat shotgun action. Everyone knows of new ppl online who use the lancer and chainsaw ALL THE TIME because that is what they did on story mode.

    The only problem I have with this game is the multiplayer matchmaking....basically there is none like Halo 2 and Halo 3.... you cannot join a party on ranked with your friends and then go and play a ranked match. However one can enjoy a lot of the public matches with friends.

    My only issues with this game are firstly the lack of an inbuilt clan system, no real maps suiting the added feature of Annex apart from Mausoleum (gridlock on annex basically involves holding sniper towers and sniping heads when they come round the corner from spawn).

    Basically this is a must buy for anyone who likes online multiplayer shooters...however be warned if you are a major fan of the GRAW series and Rainbow Six Vegas for example this may not be for you. I have many friends who do not like this game because they prefer more realistic battle systems like that.

    However if your like me and you like ALL good online multiplayer shooters including those and Gears of War and Halo 3 then this game will deffinately excite you.

    This is the most played game on the XBOX LIVE (online) service on the xbox360 and will be until the realease of Halo 3 and COD 4

    Enjoy and dont get chainsawed by a NOOB!!!!!!!!!

    And to the previous reviewer the game is not impossible to get into online even if you have only recently bought the game, there are plenty of new people playing this game. Just try and get a group of friends together and practice in Player Matches. You will be decapitating people with your shotgun and not having to aim with a torque bow in no time. Buy this game!!!! and Gears 2 Nov 11th

  6.  Cheapest Around!


    To the reviewer below me you are incorrect, you can buy points on the Xbox Live Marketplace using a debit card and credit card. Doesn't matter.

  7.  Is He A Legend?


    I have read the novel, watched The Omega Man starring Charlton Heston and also bought this Film. I have to say that a book will always be better than a film because you can use your own imagination instead of seeing someone elses imagination infront of you on the screen.

    This film is pretty good. Will Smith is at his best as usual (who doesn't like Will Smith, everyone likes him, very nice fella). The desolated New York city is very realistic and you really do feel like Neville (Smith) is the last man alive.

    Where the film is let down is by not explaining why the "Dark Seekers" are hunting him, he is the enemy, the last remaining of a species of humanity destroyed by a terrible plague.

    It is also let down by the female role not knowing who Bob Marley is???? This film is set in 2012 and she is deffinately older than 18 so she would certainly know who he was.

    It is a highly enjoyable action movie and has some touching moments. My advice is to buy the book also plus The Omega Man.

    Top Stuff, oh and don't compare this to 28days later that is about "rage" from monkeys or any zombie film.

  8.  If you want your 360 to break buy a Faceplate.


    I hope play.com put this review in as it is a valid point and has happened to many different people. As we all know the 360's are built cheaply. I am very careful with my console. When I bought a faceplate I was impressed. However when you take one faceplate off and put another on you almost never want to do it again.

    It seems like you are damaging the console. And what happened next, my disc drive started to SCRATCH perfect circles all around my discs. This was because I changed the faceplate and somewhere along the way it must have forced the disc tray into another position.

    Keep your original faceplate that came with the console. Cheap add on bits of plastic are pointless. Buy games and real accessories. These are a joke.

  9.  Poor


    Very poor acting, very poor dancing (Step Up 2 seems to be a lot better for that element) still hopeless in the acting department.

    True actors/tresses are people like Dustin Hoffman, Meryl Streep, De Niro etc......not this trollup

  10.  Great action film but....


    I watched this film the other day and I have to say I really did enjoy the fight scenes. The film soars in blood and gore with a strong lead actor as the Spartan King Leonidas. However where this film fails is with other members of the cast. Why are there strange beasts in this film? Is this due to the dipiction of the comic strips straying away from historical records a little bit. There are too many odd mangled looking creatures in this film.

    Still if you want to see men ripping each other apart (Spartans and Persians) then you will like this film.

    Its not an amazing film and will never win any awards....just a good action film.