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  1.  have to agree with the 1st reviewer...


    i have 2 x xbox 360's and havent had a ps since 2000. but it does alot more, im especially happy with the 3d support as the xbox is only in 360p due to the graphical limitations, and very few supporting games.
    both great but this is a ps3 review so recommended!

  2.  Great


    Just set it up on xbox 360 black ops.... lovely picture, just like the cinema. looking forward to many more games in future!

  3.  dont listen to reviewers who dont like rpg


    this game is brilliant, of course you have to like RPG's.
    im still playing oblivion 3 years later and 150 hours into the game its so good, and fallout takes the similar game, updates the playability and graphics, and applies the new setting, just be prepared to lose weeks of your life!

  4.  wont suit everyone


    This is a great game, full of action, great graphics etc. but hardy 'fear you cant forget'! this is simply not a scary game, there is no claustrophobia and no fear. Resi 1 and 4 got it right, im hoping the full game gives me what i like...terror!

  5.  very, very mundane


    I bought this at 9.99 a day ago, thinking that at 9.99, it could be a forgotten gem, like viva pinata, but i was wrong.
    You could forgive the stale graphics for great playability or a great storyline, but this game has neither! It reminds me of the shoddy games delivered through the 1990's on the sega saturn!

    This game may appeal to children, i like simple games but this really is the worst game ive played this century.

    2 Stars because children may like it.

  6.  great item


    This arrived a couple of days after the projector, its 92 inch and like the previous review, its brilliant! Its exactly the size i was viewing on a plain wall but with the screen you never need to to the cinema again!

  7.  forget HDTV and just buy this


    I was looking for a 46 inch tv to replace my 32inch, but i just received this today, set it up and wow! Perfect cinema experience even when watching heroes through normal sky plus.
    Hd dvd's are even better, and there is no colour banding unless you try to see it, it was an hour before i thought to try but if your watching the screen normally, you wont even see it.

    No screen yet (should arrive at the weekend) but on a cream wall its really great, im never buying a tv again!

  8.  would you put this in front or behind?


    Ive bought the dlp projector off play and am looking at this, as the projector will be behind me, id rather put this behind to save on the wire for the audio, would you recommend this, or just keep in in front, by the screen?

  9.  best buy for this price


    I bought this a few weeks ago, based on the other reviews, and the price, it works 100% perfectly.
    I use it simply to store all pictures, videos and as a back up of everything else, then enjoy playback on the xbox through hdtv!
    It will be very difficult to ever fill this piece of kit.

  10.  very very good


    This is possibly the best game on the 360, and thats no overstatement. The 'flaws' in this game are far less than whats been mentioned, and most security points remain emptied unless you drive across the other side of the game map and back again!

    I was even going to buy a bigger tv just for this game but decided 32inch hd is enough.

    Multiplayer is great, some difficulty accepting game invites from friends, im sure it is a temporary thing.

    Single player is amazing, multi player even better. I have cod4, gta4, gofw and i play this by far the most