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  1.  Absolutely amazing !!!!!


    Ignore the earlier review the film and the actors were brilliant from start to finish. We could of gone back into the cinema and watched it again. Won't disclose the twist incase you havn't seen it, but the whole cinema gasped it was brilliantly done, really didn't see that one coming. Can't wait for it to come out on blu-ray. If your a fan of the Twilight Saga's you have to see this just brilliant.

  2.  AMAZING !!!!!


    Absolutely brilliant film John Travolta as you've never seen him before, what an amazing actor he is. This film is awesome, action packed from start to finish a must buy.

  3.  Oh Dear


    This film started off so well we were glued to it, then half way through it all went downhill, such a shame. Its like the writers couldn't be bothered. Could of been such a brilliant film.

  4.  Challenging !!


    It took me 9hrs to complete this game, but if it wasnt for my daughter helping me through a website that guides you through games, theres no way anyone could complete this. Some of the puzzles would be impossible to do, but overall did enjoy it.

  5.  AWESOME !!!!!


    Played this tonight with my daughter, its absolutely brilliant and so addictive a must for any ages.

  6.  AMAZING !!!


    Buy it, watch it and i guarantee you'll love it. From the first time Christina sings its that goose bump feeling. Amazing costumes, the dancing and songs just keep you fixed to the screen.As for Cher the woman doesn't age shes timeless and in a league of her own. A feel good film that you would definately watch time and time again, brilliant !!!!!!

  7.  Boring !!


    So disappointed with this film. The plot was so predictable. Beautifully filmed underwater hence the two stars, unfortunately the acting was terrible kept watching in hope it would become more interesting but was sadly disappointed such a shame could of been so much better.

  8.  Mmmm


    We have all the Harry Potter dvds all brilliant BUT what has happened here? So agree with the other reviews, very strung out we were even quite bored especially when the forest scenes seemed to go on forever, they could quite of easily made the final chapter into one amazing film but unfortunately they decided not to, and surely they have made enough money out of the other films to realise that looking at Harry and Hermione running around the forest which seemed for hours is not going to captivate an audience without criticism. It wasnt all bad dont get me wrong but we were disappointed.

  9.  WOW


    Watched this film the other night and was very surprised how much we enjoyed it, it was hilarious a very good feel film. Its a must to add to your dvd collection you will not be disappointed.

  10.  make your own mind up !!!


    Weve watched this film several times now age range 15-60. We all thought the effects were amazing the acting was fine not wooden as someone mentioned god knows how they came to that conclusion as weve seen a lot worse. So pleased we ignored some of the reviews just shows how we cant all like the same films so make your own mind up we wernt disappointed and would definately watch it again.