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  1.  What a pleasant surprise


    I must be honest, a week ago I was a total newbie to the Uncharted franchise, and when I first saw the Vita game line-ups, it struck me as another Tomb Raider, which although that isn't necessarily a bad thing, I just didn't see myself playing it for hours on end.
    When It came to buying the Vita, I went for a good value bundle and had the choice of Fifa or Uncharted with the device. Since I already have Fifa on the PS3, I opted for Uncharted: Golden Abyss, mindful of the fact it is the most expensive game, and if I didn't like it, I could easily sell it. Wow how wrong I was.

    The game has had me transfixed for hours at a time, often in to the early hours. The gyroscope usage when you're firing a sniper rifle is superb, imagine yourself holding down L to lift the rifle scope to your eye but having to move the device itself to aim the rifle. I often find myself in sniper mode lying on the couch holding the Vita to the ceiling, which is great fun. I think I would struggle to explain it to anyone watching me though!

    All in all, you cannot be disappointed. It's only downfall is some cheesy scripting and 50% through the game, I can predict the character development, but the quality of the game play allows me to overlook it.


  2.  Don't start this book if you have anything important to do


    ... Serious, this one grips you from the start. You know something isn't quite right just from reading the blurb.
    Some people have suggested they predicted the ending from the start, but I don't have a crystal ball and I couldn't see the ending coming at all.
    This would make a great holiday read because it's easily readable in a day or two

  3.  Cannot go wrong for £5, what a bargain!!


    I have a number of cases for the iPad, and for a day to day practical case, you cannot go wrong with this. It's not flashy or in your face. Very discrete leather folio and it even has that nice new leather smell.

    I've seen silicone cases that only cover the back of the device for 9.99 ( I'm not allowed to use pound signs for some reason) so for a fiver this is a must for any first generation iPad owner!

  4.  Better than no time for goodbye


    Bought this book a few months back in the advance sale in UK airports. I've read the book in just over a week.
    Once again you formulate your own opinions and theories about the way the story is going to unfold, then Linwood shows why he's so good.
    I definitely see this book doing as well if not better than his previous novel.
    Can't wait for his next book

  5.  Very slow until the last 5 or 6 chapters


    My second read of the Richard and Judy summer book selection.
    A lot like linwood barclay's 'no time for goodbye' this book keeps you hanging on right until the end. The ending was not predictable at all, however the story seemed to drag on for the first 150 pages or so.
    Someone asked me what the book was about when I was halfway through and I couldn't really tell them! However John Hart redeemed himself in the second half of the book as I was kept guessing right until the last few chapters.
    Your not so typical, deep south, dysfunctional farm family.
    Easy reading but it wouldn't be top of my recommended list

  6.  Could have been spun any number of ways


    Very enjoyable. My first Linwood Barclay book, will not be my last. The author could have taken this story down so many paths, many of which would have been predictable. However I couldn't figure this one out until the last chapter or so. If you like Harlan Coben then try Linwood Barclay. Only reason I don't give 5 stars is that it starts a little slow