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  1.  World Class


    This is just the start...
    She is an absolute phenomenon...
    Love the song;
    Absolutely adore her voice.
    Wish her all the best she is so absolutely incredible!



    this is a great book i like it that lyra wants to go her own way to be a firework maker and not a ballerina like her sister.

  3.  Not Very Impressed


    I've tried watching this film several times now and have never been able to get into it. Slow start with a non humourous storyline. I had expected better of Disney and after seeing the trailer I couldn't wait to watch the film. Disappointed, Very Disappointed.

  4.  Good Old Totoro!


    A top notch film from Studio Ghibli! Totoro stars in this amazing anime, which has quality graphics considering it is almost 20 years old! Satsuki and Mei are trying to fit into their new home when the fantasy of soot sprites and friendly trolls comes to them! The catbus is a great addition and the film makes you want to watch it until the bitter end! A great laid back film for all the family.

  5.  Speechless


    This movie is pure class. Never before in animation have I questioned whether the pictures are real. Simply fantastic. The characters are amazing, with Calcifer never ceasing to amuse whilst the trusted Turnip Head stays by Sophie's side. The ending is amazing, and the storyline is so solid. With fantasy and magic this film is for all the family! If you enjoy quality anime and love Studio Ghibli this film CANNOT be missed! One of the best films from Studio Ghibli.

  6.  Fun Olsen Twin Film!


    Passport to Paris is a great adventure for the twins when they arrive in France for truly great surprises and encounters. Gripping all the way through. A good film.

  7.  Plain Boring


    I have tried watching this film several times. The plot isn't too great. The beginning goes on about an hour too long. I got so bored everytime I put another film in. This is a truly bad film. It's not even funny. Don't buy.

  8.  Comedy At It's Best!


    Married With Children is great! I first watched the programme when I was on holiday and had to look it up when I got back. I was thrilled to find that it had just been released on DVD! Ed O'Neill stars as a hilarious shoe salesman who can always impress. Recommended Buy!

  9.  The Start To Probably The Funniest Sitcom Ever!


    Two And A Half Men Is Incredible! It all begins with Alan and Charlie, two brothers, who end up living together after Alan's wife leaves him. Alan also brings along his cool son, Jake. Charlie is a sex crazed, non-working, layed back guy who is all about fun in life, being the cool guy and sex. Alan is the boring brother, who will spend his day doing chores and doing the chores for his wife in an attempt to win her back. Jake is just a cool kid. He looks up to his uncle as a cool guy, but is still close to his father. The house cleaner, Berta, always adds a laugh with her puns in the middle of sentences. This programme is awesome! 100% Definite Buy!

  10.  So Funny


    I love this film! Set in London about an Indian family, with great football matches and focus on the religious and social aspects of life. Very good film buy today!