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  1.  A great, girly read


    I really enjoyed this book. If you're looking for a holiday book that's enjoyable, easy to read with a fun, exciting plot line then this is it. Not the most complicated story line but a good book to get lost in and enjoy! I would recommend.

  2.  got all the things we love


    The songs on this album have all the qualities you love in a DMB tune, new rhythms, beats and melodies just pop out from nowhere in the middle of songs, making it all sound fantastic!

    I love that the songs take inspiration from every style of music, jazz, country, the lot - this is what makes Dave Matthews Band what they are.

    Other bands should sit up and take note - music was created for bands like this, such talent!

    A superb album from a fantastic lot of amazingly talented amazing.

    In my opinion the highlights are You and Me and Funny the Way It Is both great catchy songs with punchy melodies that'll stick in your head!

    One for the collection for sure! Enjoy.

  3.  One for your CD collection..


    This album should be in your CD collection, his voice is great, each song is catchy, but different and has a different mood. I'm yours is a great track with a catchy chorus to sing along to, Lucky is a lovely tune featuring Colbie Caillat who also has a great voice, Coyotes is fab, and my personal fave-feel-good song which is up-beat is The Dynamo of Volition..

    This is an album for a long drive where you need to relax, background tracks in the office, or the one you like to have on when having dinner with friends...

    Buy it, you wont regret it, a v. talented guy and a great album..enjoy

  4.  Best Album of 2008


    I fell in love with the script on first hearing of the man who cant be moved,

    I got this album for christmas and i'm in love for it. If you're a fan of the fray you'll like this threesome,

    Fantastic, catchy, songs with great lyrics and fab guitar melodies its a listen right the way through type album. The lead singer has a voice that i'm hooked too.

    The 3 singles breakeven, we cry and man who cant be moved are all great songs...this greatness continues right the way through the album.

    Man who cant be moved is my best loved song of 08 and the album is defo up there with my cant stop listening toos

    Buy and enjoy! :D

  5.  Crackin film!


    So it might be the same story line, small town gifted dancer makes it in the city!! Who caaaaaaaares?!

    Buy this film for the amazing soundtracks, excellent choreography and feel good factor. If you liked step up, save the last dance then you'll love this too! Fab buy :d

  6.  Fabulous Book!


    This book was a cant-put-it-down for sure.

    Evans writing style is excellent...she has created characters you fall in love with and relate to...you get to feel like you know them!

    The storyline is a cracker, all about love, loss and struggling to work out what matters to you in your life,..and although it could easily be a true love story, it has that essential sprinkle of fairytale sparkle that a book needs to let you get completely and utterly lost in it,,,

    A fantastic novel, girly, cute, endeering, and sparkly, in my opinion, a must read.



    Strong piano melodies? CHECK.

    Fantastic vocals? CHECK.

    Moving, uplifting, and innovative lyrics? CHECK.

    An array of songs to suit your mood that grab your attention, make you stop and think and of course, that you just HAVE to sing along to? CHECK.

    I dont know what else you could possibly want.

    Truth is this album has it all.

    I am fussy about female solo artists, sara is genuinelly talented! Great lyrics, melodic voice, punchy piano melodies, a fantastic mix of songs.

    Fairytale is abso fantastic a unique punchy song that you will just love!

    Highlights are many the miles, vegas and bottle it up are fab, Gravity for something a bit more soothing and of course lets not forget the fantastic single love song.

    Buy this, you wont regret it.

    There is nothing little about this girls voice, or her talent for that matter!

    ENJOY! ;)

  8.  I might have been converted to a fan by this...


    Im not denying that this lot are talented, they are.

    But Ive never been a fan, Chris Martin's voice hasnt done much for me in the past, and none of their songs have ever really grabbed me!

    But, i think this album might be the one to convert me. It is quite catchy and unique, very different sound influences. There are some nice violin sounds, kind of indian sounding influences, just quite unusual sounding and very nice.

    A very nice musical intro to the album. The album has a sort of nice charm to it and is quite easy listening.

    Ive still to listen to this before I really decide on it, but if it can convert me then it must surely please coldplay fans?

    Id def give it a listen, and if your not a fan and unsure, get your mate to buy it and listen with an open mind, i did and im quite surprised and how much I enjoy it!

    TBH i think that well respected producer Eno likely had a lot to do with this albums unique, endeering sound.

    I like it, try it or you'll never know. I think it would be a nice addition to any collection.

  9.  Fantastic read...cant put down!


    once you start on this you wont stop.

    1st off, ignore the last comment, if you want something that is completely believable m8, dont read fiction! This book is believable in its own sense, with fantasy thrown in...its a must to make a good book.

    I personally like books that let you escape your own world, relax and get to know the characters and really get involved in the storyline, which I did with this one.

    The book takes you to the Glamorous parts of America, where money gets you places and the size of your house is a symbol of who you are.

    It takes you back to when 3 young girls are in school together, and they form, well, a rather unlikely friendship given that they are so completely different. However, they become amazingly close, almost like family.

    However their lives are rudely disrupted in a number of ways, which affects their friendship.

    As the girls grow up, they learn their own life lessons...lessons they put into practice and decide to start their own company in a bid to be as rich and succesfull as their parents. However they start to realise that money and success arent everything.

    The book guides you through the lives of 3 exceptionally different characters, who are all endearing, strong, but often troubled in their own unique ways.

    The storyline is fantastic with twists and turns that make you want to keep going til your eyes are popping out your head and you can read no more!

    The settings are glamorous and the writing so descriptive that you feel as if you are in the book with the characters!

    A fantastic mix of descriptive, touching and exciting writing from Bagshawe, dont miss out, pick up a copy now!

    ..you wont regret it. A perfect summertime girly read that will reinforce to you the value of friendships and getting your priorities right in life...


  10.  AMAZING..


    This is the best £7 ull spend in a while...fabulous album!

    you would look at him and think, where does that voice come from?!

    Melodic, soulfull, a fantastic tone...his voice will melt your heart.

    His cover of massive attacks 'teardrop' is truly one of the best i have heard...it mixes in to the album perfectly with catchy tunes like UFO and Gone in the morning...while All I Got and Dream Catch Me are the ultimate in chill out tunes.

    BUY! Theres NO WAY you'll be dissapointed...best talent to hit britain in a while...and its about time too!