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  1.  Expected more from Fulgrim


    While I enjoyed this book I had a problem with Fulgrim. For a primarchi he seems awfully naive. For a better version of Fulgrim check Moorcock's Stormbringer series.
    The novel is saved by the other characters and of course the epic storyline.

  2.  Fails todeliver where it matters


    I own this iPod for almost a year now and it's my main music player. However I would not buy it again since it's audio quality is seriously lacking. Especially the highs sound too crispy and artificial. I googled to see if there was anything I could about this but apparently it's a known issue.
    A shame really since it's a fine piece of equipment otherwise. I like the UI the album art everything else just not the sound quality. My old Creative Labs Zen is definately not as good but it sounded better. So if sound quality matters over features look elsewhere.

  3.  The Classic ToN album - Highly recommended


    Together with October Rust this album made ToN famous. All songs are great and the album is quite diverse in styles. There's a lot of humour a lot of atmosphere. it's less accesible than October Rust I guess but more so than later ToN albums. It's production is a bit raw here and there but that just adds more flavour.

  4.  Heavy


    And that's heavy as in depressing. You could compare this album to October Rust but without the humour and much more serious. So it's still an excellent album but be prepared for the negative emotions it exhumes. Warning: Listen to it when you're alone but have someone who can cheer you up in the next room or something. ;)

  5.  Masterpiece


    This is my favorite ToN album. All songs are masterpieces and they blend in perfectly. I guess it's best described as melancholic goth rock, but there's really nothing else like it.

  6.  inaccessible but brilliant, not for the casual listener


    Ok this record deserves 5 stars really. But I am only given it 4 stars since you have to be in a certain mood to really appreciate the music and it's not an easy listen even then. As to this mood you have to be in it should be bordering on the schyzophenic due to all the 'mood' swings in the music. That's right, not tempo changes but mood changes, one minute a song sounds like black sabbath, then it's 30seconds punk, then it's a minute of theatrical goth or something, mix in some poppy tunes in here and there and you get the idea. Anyway describing it is really hard. Buy and listen and don't give up after the first listen. I had trouble with the album first month I bought it but now I really appreciate it as one of those crazy masterpieces when I actually give it the attention it deserves.

  7.  Opeth FTW!


    After Ghost Reveries and the lineup changes I didn't expect too much from the new album. But again I was proven wrong. This is not the best Opeth album, it would be hard to name one 'the best', they are too diverse for that. But I like it a lot and it's definately worth 5 stars!

  8.  Review of the whole series


    The book in itself deserves five start but since most of us will read the 3 books I decided to give it only 4. That's because there are way to many repitions in book 2 and 3 which dumbs down the experience somewhat. Still if you are looking for an entertaining read featuring saxons, shield walls realistic characters. Look no further. Read, sit back and relax.

  9.  A great tale


    I like historical fiction, the problem is that most of it is rather mediocre. This series is not mediocre though, it's top-notch. But in book 2 the pace has slowed and there's a too much repetition. it seems as if the author assumes some readers didn't read book one or have a very limited memory which results in distracting repititions. If these were edited out I would have given it 5 stars.