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  1.  Amazing game! Highly recommend.


    Beautiful game. I read some bad reviews before I bought it. Oh, I was so happy I did it! It is made in the best traditions of old nintendo games, only even better. If you like Mario and other similar classic games, you will be happy too! It also has a lot of Christmas spirit in it. And I don't work for Nintendo!

  2.  Major failure for Fable fans


    We'be been waiting for this game after enjoying Fable and Fable 2. But this game did not meet our expectations at all. It is extremely short - we finished it in 2-3 evenings of Play. It is 100% linear. You have to finish it very quickly, you can't control anything actually. Yes, there are usually two choices good or bad but unlike Fable 1 and 2 it became very linear. There is some pathetic imitation of freedom like side quests but they are all like "deliver this package" or "kill those bandits in the forest". 38 pounds!!! Are you kidding me. I am sure it was first intended to be just add on for Fable 2. It feels like very very short version of Fable 2. Yes, there are some moments to enjoy and illustrators did terrific job again with the characters but you will enjoy for like 2-3 evenings and the ending is so not fun. And there is all these feeling in the second part of the game that developers rushed to finish it before the deadline. What a shame! And the price is more than major DVD release. Greed and corruption came to Albion... developers clearly made their choice and this is not the good one. If this game was branded as add-on to Fable 2 and the price was 15 pounds then it would be Ok. If you will read this review later on when the game become cheap and I am sure it will happen very quickly with this one, then buy it. But Fable 1 and 2 are much much more better. If you're fable fan you will be better of just replaying Fable 1 and 2. Really! Lionhead you suck!

  3.  Beautiful beautiful game


    This game is absolutely beautiful and big fun to play. Design and graphics are amazing - zen style. Music is also great, very well thought. Gameplay is ideal. You can play not only as ninja but as animals, there are different ninjas, good sense of humor. This game is definitely not for teenagers who love a lot of blood all over the place or monsters in the darkness of abandoned space station. Otherwise, I recommend this game to anyone. It is very very nice. If you still have not decided, check ou some gameplay on gametrailers.com (use search there). You will see how amazing this game is.